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Lamb's Bread (Veggie/Vegan) Restaurant in Columbia SC

It's on North Main. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I live right around the corner and have seen the sign - but I don't think it's open yet. I have yet to see any activity besides the sign. Historically, this location has not been good. Panda Palace only lasted a while, then Mr. Ben's was there for a minute, now this mysterious place. Is it in fact open? Thanks for asking - I've been wondering!

    1. Hey blue, I live out past there. (Keenan Terrace.) A friend stopped by Lamb the other day and reported there are cobwebs in the windows. Looks like it isn't operational.

      I used to eat there when it was Asian food. They had a decent deal going. Never made it into Ben's. Wonder why that's such a dead spot?

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        I walked by there this morning and noticed the same webs! I don't know what the deal is - they put up that big sign in the early summer and then, nada. I don't know why no place can make a go of it there. I know it's not the best looking building, but ... Thanks for the reply, I always look for your Columbia posts.

        1. Ha! Maybe that's it.

          Yesterday I noticed another sign next to the building. It spoke:

          "Not Open."

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            Hey Ellen -

            Good eyes! I noticed the "not open" on the sign as I was headed home for lunch today. Oh well. I forgot to add in my last post that I thought it was more than a little weird that a vegan/veggie spot would have lamb in the name of the restaurant so perhaps the whole venture was doomed from the start. Have a great weekend & chow on.

          2. Blue, I puzzled over the inclusion of "Lamb" in the name as well. Best I can reckon is it may have a Biblical connotation, as the motto they added on the sign is, "Love is the Key."

            Since the crew of the Kevin Bacon movie filmed up and down that block for a week, I wonder if the sign will appear in any scenes.

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              Ellen, you are reading my mind. I laughed and wondered the same thing about whether the sign might possibly make it into the movie when I was thinking about all the other "landmarks" near the gas station the crew was using for the scene(s). I guess we will just have to wait and see. And I think you are right about the Biblical connotation - I hadn't really thought of that.

            2. Google revealed references to pot and jamaican music. I guess the motto could apply to either.

              1. Sweetpea, you may be close. A friend, much better informed in such things than I, said it sounded Rasta-inspired.

                I'm afraid this thread little resembles a Chow topic any more. Oh dear! Sure wish the Lamb's Bread place would open so our discussion could grow beyond guesses...

                Anyone out there want to operate a veggie restaurant??? ;)

                1. I was driving down Hampton Street this morning and noticed the same Lamb's Bread sign on what I think used to be Pierre's Cajun Turkey (looks like an old gas station) - didn't have time to stop and check it out. It seemed to be a conglomeration of businesses (t-shirts, tapestries, etc.) and now also a veggie/vegan place. Hadn't noticed this before. The one on N. Main is still collecting dust.

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                    I know that place and saw the tapestries and all. I thought it was the guy from Harden & Gervais. Didn't notice the food aspect. I ate at Pierre's once. Pretty good turkey leg but he must have been Jamaican because it took forever. Uh-oh. Lamb's Bread has Jamaican references - I'll have to allow time to check it out.

                  2. Has anyone tried the one on Harden yet? Where exactly is the place? Near Allen and Benedict colleges?

                    Two co-workers are vegetarians - they may just have to be our test rats.

                    Aside: Pierre's Cajun Turkey is now on Monticello Road not far from Eau Claire High School. Anybody who has eaten there lately want to give us a review?

                    1. It's on Hampton Street about a block from Harden, right before the RR tracks. Going away from Harden, it would be on the right.

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                        I met the gentleman who owns Lamb's Bread at a little African store he runs on Broad Street. He was a "witch doctor" of sorts, a very peaceful, spiritual man. He told me about the store on Hampton as it was just opening. That was last fall/winter I think. The African shop (sorry, can't remember the name) is around Bush River Rd. and Greystone, in a little strip on the right hand side of the road going towards downtown/River Rd. Lots of incense, African sculptures, wovens, and spiritual books. I haven't had a chance to eat at Lamb's Bread, but I plan on scoping it out.

                      2. I ate at the Lamb's Bread on Hampton today! It's definitely open for business. I enjoyed it--it's like a good old Southern meat-n-three without the meat and grease. Actually, the lunch deal is "one protein and two sides" plus muffin for $8.95. Today the "protein" choices were baked tofu in sauce, mock meatballs, and mock chicken. I had the mock meatballs in a tasty, slightly spicy sauce, plus "goddess mac-n-cheese" (I just couldn't resist the name), and chick peas and rice (there were also yams available, but I can't remember what else). Everything was fresh and good...my corn muffin was overbaked, but no big deal. The staff was extremely friendly, and the small dining area has a simple but cheerful atmosphere. Will be back again soon.

                        1. I just tried the one on Hampton for lunch and really liked it. Today they had as the protein: stuffed cabbage, mock pepper steak, or mock curry chicken. I got the chicken and it was very good, had a red curry sauce on it. The sides were green beans (very fresh and good), broccoli, sweet potatoes, kale and brown rice. The corn muffin was a little dry, but all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, had plenty to eat, and don't feel draggy or anything like you do after eating high-fat foods. I will definitely go back. I asked one of the employees about breakfast and she said they haven't started yet, but plan to soon, and will serve porridge, grits, mock sausage and similar items. Oh, and just a note about price -- the lunch was $8.95 excluding tax and beverage.

                          1. Just tried it for the first time today with my daughter. We split a Reuben made with tempeh (excellent and delicious) and then shared items off of a dinner, including a mushroom teriaki, rutabaga (tastiest I've ever tried). Everything was delicious and made you feel good. We are DEFINITELY going to go back frequently. You can eat in or take out and there's an area for a band which probably operates at nights sometimes for atmosphere Try it if you're trying to go vegan or just improve your health!