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Sep 21, 2006 12:39 PM

Lamb's Bread (Veggie/Vegan) Restaurant in Columbia SC

It's on North Main. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I live right around the corner and have seen the sign - but I don't think it's open yet. I have yet to see any activity besides the sign. Historically, this location has not been good. Panda Palace only lasted a while, then Mr. Ben's was there for a minute, now this mysterious place. Is it in fact open? Thanks for asking - I've been wondering!

    1. Hey blue, I live out past there. (Keenan Terrace.) A friend stopped by Lamb the other day and reported there are cobwebs in the windows. Looks like it isn't operational.

      I used to eat there when it was Asian food. They had a decent deal going. Never made it into Ben's. Wonder why that's such a dead spot?

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      1. re: Ellen of SC

        I walked by there this morning and noticed the same webs! I don't know what the deal is - they put up that big sign in the early summer and then, nada. I don't know why no place can make a go of it there. I know it's not the best looking building, but ... Thanks for the reply, I always look for your Columbia posts.

        1. Ha! Maybe that's it.

          Yesterday I noticed another sign next to the building. It spoke:

          "Not Open."

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          1. re: Ellen of SC

            Hey Ellen -

            Good eyes! I noticed the "not open" on the sign as I was headed home for lunch today. Oh well. I forgot to add in my last post that I thought it was more than a little weird that a vegan/veggie spot would have lamb in the name of the restaurant so perhaps the whole venture was doomed from the start. Have a great weekend & chow on.

          2. Blue, I puzzled over the inclusion of "Lamb" in the name as well. Best I can reckon is it may have a Biblical connotation, as the motto they added on the sign is, "Love is the Key."

            Since the crew of the Kevin Bacon movie filmed up and down that block for a week, I wonder if the sign will appear in any scenes.

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            1. re: Ellen of SC

              Ellen, you are reading my mind. I laughed and wondered the same thing about whether the sign might possibly make it into the movie when I was thinking about all the other "landmarks" near the gas station the crew was using for the scene(s). I guess we will just have to wait and see. And I think you are right about the Biblical connotation - I hadn't really thought of that.