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Nov 27, 2004 02:29 AM

Free Corkage Nights

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Any night:

Fig Cafe & Wine Bar, Glen Ellen
Pinot Blanc, St. Helena
ZinsValley, Napa
Dry Creek Kitchen, Healdsburg (up to 2 bottles of Sonoma County wine)
The Grill on the Alley, San Jose
Bizou, San Francisco (for bottles purchased from K&L)


Blue Water Grill, Menlo Park

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday:

Stella's Cafe (with an advance reservation)


Mixx, Santa Rosa


Barndiva, Healdsburg
Alamo Square Seafood Grill, San Francisco
Blue Jay Cafe, San Francisco


Julia's Kitchen @ Copia, Napa (and any night for museum members with advance reservation)

First Monday of the month:

Tablespoon, San Francisco

Any others to add?

Restaurateurs, please email me if you have a free corkage policy and would like to be added to the list.


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  1. rutherford bar and grill, rutherford, and houstons in sf---all the time.

    1. If you want to go further downscale...

      Mai's on Clement
      Jitra Thai on Ocean Avenue

      Actually, I think a lot of the smaller and less well known restaurants have free corkage. You just have to call in advance and ask (and also to make sure they have wine glasses!).

      And on the other end of the spectrum, there are some places that serve wine and won't let you bring in your own at all--like that Indian Pizza place in the outer sunset in that mall with the 7-11 and laundrymat, whose name obviously escapes me.

      1. r
        Robert Lauriston

        Not free corkage, but wasn't there a post about someplace with a good wine list that was offering half off bottles on slow nights?

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I thought that was One Market, but if it is currently mentioned on their website I couldn't find it....


          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            bacar does half priced wine nights. I think (but check first) that it's the first Monday of every month.


            1. re: nja

              Lark Creek Inn has had half price wine nights in the past too.

            2. re: Robert Lauriston

              Solstice on California and Divisidero has 1/2 price glasses on Sunday and 1/2 price bottles every Monday. Not the best selection or well known wines but it is something I certainally take advantage of. THe food it good, not great but not poor.

              Oh, and one market and all of Lark Creek restaurants had half priced bottles for the month of July

            3. Fournou's Ovens in the Stanford Court hotel used to offer 'no corkage' on Sunday and Monday nights.

              I don't know the current policy.

              1. Cindy's, St. Helena - half-price on every wines by the glass and no corkage every Tuesdays.