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Sep 21, 2006 07:03 AM

xiau long bao (soup dumplings) in seattle?

hey, anyone know of a place in seattle that has the xiau long bao soup dumplings in seattle?

they are the wonderful soup dumplings like ones served at din tai fun in los angeles or joe's shanghai in new york.

gotta be a place in seattle that has them, right?

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  1. As a crazed xiao long bao seeker, I can tell you that you won't find anything close to the quality of Din Tai Fung or Joe's Shanghai here in Seattle. There are a couple of places that serve them (Shanghai Garden is one, I seem to recall), but you'll find them only a tease to the true quality they should be.

    I've recently eaten xiao long bao in Taipei and Shanghai, and I must say I think the crab-and-pork ones at Joe's Shanghai in NY are the best. (Note: the Chinatown locations in both Manhattan and Flushing are far better than the more upscale Midtown location.) The wrapper isn't as good as Din Tai Fung's, but they have more broth and the crab-and-pork ones are simply amazing (the plain pork ones are good, but fall short of the crab-and-pork). Din Tai Fung's wrappers are the most delicate and score serious points for that, but there's actually another place in Taipei that I think has a better overall dumpling. And don't even get me started on a plum paste dumpling I found at one xiao long bao place in Taipei. I still dream about the taste of those dumplings - but have never seen them anywhere else.

    Good news: You can find good xiao long bao in Vancouver if you're willing to make the trip. Actually, they're in Richmond. Shanghai Wind makes large, rustic dumplings that are interesting, while Shanghai River makes smaller ones that are quite good. One other option is Top Shanghai, though strangely they offer clear vinegar instead of the better black vinegar.

    Then again, Chinese food in general is sooooo much better in Richmond than it is in Seattle. Other than a couple of Szechuan restaurants in the Seattle area, I'm hesitant to go out for Chinese food here knowing what's available just to the north.

    Hope that's helpful!

    1. the only place in seattle that's rumored to have them is Shanghai Garden in the ID. i haven't checked them out yet.

      1. Agree with your comments on Din Tai Fung and Joe's Shanghai. The closest I've found in the Seattle area are the xiao long bao at Noble Court in Bellevue, but they invariably leak the soup out before they get onto your plate (and the skin is mushy). About the same level are the ones at Doong Kong Lau on Aurora. Avoid the ones at Shanghai Garden, Rocking Wok, Chiang's Gourmet, Fu Man Dumpling house.

        1. Unfortunately, nothing in Seattle compares with the original Taipei Din Tai Fung dumplings (for those not aware of this fantastic place, have a look at The site also gives branch location addresses). I dream about Din Tai Fung steamed dumplings & their chicken soup! The best we have in Seattle is pretty good: Fu Man Dumpling House, 14314 Greenwood Avenue N., Seattle, 206-364-0681. Closed Monday. It's very small. You will need to arrive before 6 pm to have any chance of a table.

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            Anyone tried the shanghai offerings at "Shanghai Shanghai" near the Factoria mall? I saw this place this week on an errand. I noted a 2002 review from the P-I that was sort of lukewarm, but it did mention a "secret" more authentic menu, which I always take as a good sign...that secret menu concept is interesting...i'll check other boards

            1. re: equinoise

              They serve xiao long bao and shen jian bao but I would not reccommend them. You would do slightly better at Shanghai Cafe a block west for xlb. But, alas neither is very good.

          2. The original comment has been removed