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Sep 21, 2006 06:03 AM

Friday H Hour and Dining in fun, happening area?

My husband and I are coming for a long overdue trip to Manhattan in a few weeks. We love NYC and have yet to do it properly together. We need suggestions for where to go on a Friday night (starting happy hour) and continuing to dinner. We are interested in fun, trendy, with a good scene and quality drinks/wine/food. We are staying in Chelsea area - basicaly are willing to explore every neighborhood but are most intrigued by the usuals south of the 40s - Chelsea, The Village, Union Square, Grammercy, SoHo, Lower East side, etc. For the Thursday we got an early(of course)reservation at Babbo so Italian is probably out. We are from San Fran and love exploring the scene - don't want touristy. Want to top places you would recomend to friends from out of town that you know are true ChowHounds! Thanks

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  1. Zanzibar (46th and 9th)is a nice and not too pretentious after work place and very good appetizers. Try the crispy shrimp.