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Sep 21, 2006 05:11 AM

Best burger in Columbus ohio?!!? who's got it?!??

Just wondered your humble opinion!

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  1. The Thurman Cafe (183 Thurman Ave in German Village) is widely considered to serve the best burger in Columbus, and its reputation is well earned. My only complaint is the place is pretty small so you may have to wait to get a seat.

    Marshall's (1105 W 1st Ave in Grandview) serves a great burger and has the coolest fish tank ever.

    Barcelona (263 E Whittier St in German Village) usually has a burger on the lunch menu that is worth trying.

    1. the THURMAN no question.

      1. I know the thurman im looking for somewhere a little more obscure!

        1. ok but you did not mention you knew the thurm!

          my suggestion for obscure is that you might try the burgers at old steakhouses like THE TOP or CLAREMONT. see if they are open for lunch, i think both of those are not sure anymore. steakhouses, esp old school steakhouses like those, usually have good burgers so its worth the try.

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            i've always thought the claremont looked run down and located in not the best neighborhood.

            if you can't find a obscure burger, try max n erma's garbage burger. there are 2 locations near downtown (across from convention center and one in german village). german village service is terrible though.

          2. I think Gallo's Tap Room (Bethel Road, next to KMart) has a great burger.