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Sep 21, 2006 04:53 AM

What was/is your favorite birthday cake?

The comment about stereotypical birthday cakes in the great thread on "dry" cake got me thinking. Do we each have a different preference for our birthday cake? Does anyone actually prefer the standard white sheet cake with thick frosting? I grew up in a house where everyone's birthday cake was always homemade (mom is a great cook!). My first choice was always either strawberry shortcake or my great-grandmother's recipe for a crumbly chocolate cake with lemon glaze. My brother's was lemon meringue pie. What was yours?

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  1. Cookies n' Cream ice cream cake. with the oreos on top.

    1. I love all cake but BIRTHDAY CAKE is always white with butter/powdered sugar "buttercream". Not to say that you couldn't have a chocolate cake with candles on it on your birthday. It's just not BIRTHDAY CAKE. But that's just me

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        To me, if it's sweet and it has candles in it (and it's someone's birthday), it's definitely birthday cake. Sky's the limit. It's interesting how that particular kind of cake has become the archetypal "birthday cake," though.

      2. When I was little, confetti cake w/ cream cheese icing was the absolute for me. I haven't really had a 'favorite' since then but I am much looking forward to the one thats been picked out for me this year.

        It's called 'Queen D' (appropriate, my last name starts with D and all.. =P)

        It is : Four layers of hazelnut butter cake brushed with a hint of Kahlua, filled with mocha buttercream, bittersweet chocolate, and raspberry preserves, and finished with mocha buttercream and a ribbon of crushed hazelnuts around the sides.

        It's from Blackhound.

        I am sure it could be a favorite, will let you know next month.

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          I'll tell you from experience, it's a very good cake!

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            This cake completely sucked by the way.. It was dry and sort of just bland.. not worth the price in the least.

            Next year going for the mille crepe from Mackenzie.

          2. My mother is a great baker, but really enjoys baking cookies and cupcakes. So when I was little my birthday cake always came from the local bakery. The most memorable cake, and probably my favorite was the one that was shaped like a hamburger. I don't remember the particulars of the cake but I do remember how everyone enjoyed it.

            1. chocolate cake with buttercream icing---if its homemade it is the only time I will not pass on it when I am watching what I eat...any other type I can talk myself out of. must be homemade though...but that goes for any cake. i can pass storebought or mix any day of the week.

              2nd favorite Lady Baltimore Cake - but it has been forever