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Sep 21, 2006 04:45 AM

Sona v. Providence

Haven't been to either - can anyone recommend one over the other?

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  1. Been to SONA 3 times for the 9 course Chefs Menu, will not be returning, totally underwhelmed ea time.

    Providence, been 30+ times always wonderful. Chef's Table , 12 courses.
    other options are OPUS , Melisse, La Cachette, Spago(big fave), Valentino (Angelo has returned)

    1. For atmosphere, I go for Providence.
      They also had some excellent seafood dishes.
      Service could not be beat.

      For tasting menu, I enjoyed Sona. They also have their dessert place, Boule, directly across the street. Food was more memorable than service.

      1. For Sona, tasting menu is the way to go.

        For Providence, either tasting menu or a la carte will impress you.

        I've had excellent service at both, although Sona can admittedly be a bit overbearing.

        Have fun!

        1. Providence = awesome. Michael Cimarusti is a fantastic chef. The food is amazing and the service very good. The only area which I wish they could improve is the room. Some like it a lot, it is a bit austere in my mind, but that has never dissuaded me from going back... nor will it in the future.

          Sona - can be good, but as mentioned earlier, generally underwhelming. Even the tasting menu.

          1. The first time I went to Sona for the tasting menu - interesting combinations of textures, beautiful presentation, but I found everything a tad bit salty for my palette.
            The service is overbearing and slightly comical with their 5 minute run down of EVERY ingredient in each dish. I appreciate the energy, but sometimes I just want to let my tastebuds discover the subtle nuances.... second time at Sona was disappointing.

            Providence on the other hand has been wonderful both times that I've gone.
            The service is gracious without being overbearing. and in my opinion the food sparkles.
            I went with a large group the first time (10 of us) and each course of the tasting menu was spot on and hot, which is impressive. I was also impressed that when we asked the sommelier for a wine rec, he brought us a bottle that was not only perfectly suited for what we had ordered, but turned out to be $55.00 which is very resonable considering that there are many very expensive bottles on their wine list.