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Sep 21, 2006 04:20 AM

Roasted Veggies....

I love greenbeans. Love them. Loved them as a kid, love them now. I just started roasting them with a bit of olive oil, S&P. I can eat all of them. And I'm OK with that - I could always use more veggies.

But here's the problem: I am an extremely picky veggie eater and have been since I was a child. What I would love to have is a bit of help with how to cook the veggies I actually like so that I love them as much as I do those darned greenbeans. Here's my limited list:

Squashes and zuchini of all types, cooked tomatoes (I know it's a fruit), aforementioned greenbeans, spinach, stewed collards, carrots, but only if they don't taste like carrots and are chopped small (told you I'm picky) - basically I find any veggie that is bitter at all to be very disturbing. Any help for a thirty-something girl that still eats her veggies like a kid?


PS - I DO try other veggies once in a while to make sure I still hate them....i'm not THAT much of a kid.

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  1. Well the squashes and tomato could be done exactly the same way, carrots too but I would precook them a little first. I have olive oil in a spray bottle for just this very reason.

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      If your carrots are small enough, you can slice them lengthwise then roast cut side down with a small amount of OO.

      Got to say, can't believe you don't like cauliflower! Just started roasting that, and it's delicious.

      A quick way to do tomatoes and squash is to slice and saute for a small amount of time over high heat in some kind of fat. Then add chicken stock, herbs, and a little lemon or white wine. Reduce heat and cover. The stock steams the veggies in a few minutes. If the sauce hasn't reduced enough by the time the veggies are done, remove the veggies and the lid, and cook down the sauce. Yummy.

    2. Tonight, I had cut summer squash-green and yellow and sauted in a little olive oil then sprinkled w/ s and lemon pepper. YUM! Also love the combo of stewed toms (I get the Italian style can. I first saute zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms add frozen spinach and cook down w/the can of toms. Then to round out the whole thing I'll often add a can of Tuscany Beans from T.J's. Another yummy thing. At the end, fold in some pesto! :)KQ

      1. Try adding whole garlic cloves to your roasted veggies. They come out sweet and carmelized.

        You should also try roasted fennel. Slice, dice or roughly chop your fennel and drizzel with olive olive oil and S&P (and throw in some whole garlic cloves in the pan) and roast for about 30-40 minutes. Delish!

        1. Roasted cauliflower is great- totally changes the flavor- brings out the nuttiness- roast with a little OO, garlic and sea salt.

          1. I've been roasting root vegetables recently and love them. I cut up potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips and fennel, toss them with olive oil and salt and roast until caramelized and tender.

            As others have said, roasted cauliflower is a wonderful dish. If you've only eaten in boiled, you'll probably be surprised at how good it is roasted.

            Learn to stir fry and shop in Asian groceries. My husband is totally devoted to Asian greens now. We buy baby mustard greens, Chinese water spinach, all kinds of bok choy, choy sum and gai lan regularly. They all cook up quickly and are delicious.

            It may be harder for you to develop a taste for bitter greens, but give them a try. I love spicy eggplant cooked with lots of garlic and ginger. I use Asian eggplants which aren't bitter at all but have a nice earthy taste. I also make kale both in stir-fries and in soups. You may find kale soup surprisingly good, there are good recipes online for Portugese versions of this with bacon - how can anything with bacon be bad?

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              Unfortunately I'm actually allergic to eggplant (migraines). As far as other bitter veggies go, like I said I try them once in a while and I find the bitterness literally painful.

              For all the cauliflower lovers...I know I know....I'm gonna have to wait until someone makes it for me. I don't want to buy and make a bunch to find out I hate it, too. I'm not hopefully but I'd give it a go (I don't even like a cream of cauliflower soup!)

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                RE the roasted caulifower. The freshness of the cauliflower makes a big difference. A just-picked cauli from the farmers market will taste sweeter and more flavorful.

                Raosted cauliflower with roasted red pepper is a really nice combo.