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Sep 21, 2006 04:18 AM

Gourmet's Top 50 Restaurants 2006

Anyone a subscriber who can put up the 50 restaurants they just chose?

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  1. 1 Alinea
    2. Chez Panisse
    3. French Laundry/Per Se
    4. Spago
    5. Joel Robuchon
    6. Le Reve
    7. Masa
    8. Alan Wongs
    9. Daniel
    10. Le Bernardin
    11. Mangolia Grill
    12. Michel Richard Citronelle
    13. Charlie trotter's
    14. Arrows
    15. Cyrus
    16. Striped Bass
    17. Babbo
    18. Lock-ober
    19. Canlis
    20 L'auberge Carmel
    21. Bartolotta
    22. Restaurant August
    23. Inn at Little @ Washington
    24. Ritz @ Buckhead
    25. Vetri
    26. Fore St.
    27. Jean Goerges
    28. Higgins
    29. Da Marco
    30. La Belle Vie
    31. Parker's New American Bistro
    32. Michy's
    33. Frasca
    35. Providence
    36. Guy Savoy
    37. Zuni
    38. Urasawa
    39. Bacchanalia
    40. Sanford
    41. York St.
    42. Manressa
    43. No. 9 Park
    44. Trattoria Nostrani
    45. Cafe Juanita
    46. Paley's place
    47. Lantern Restaurant
    48. L'Etoile
    49. Herbsaint
    50. Nana

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    1. re: bitsubeats

      While I really, really like Herbsaint, I don't think it's a "top 50 in America" place. Am I just spoiled/jaded by the NOLA dining scene? Or is it really that good? If so, others on the list are seriously overcharging, because Herbsaint is downright affordable.

    2. Looks like two San Antonio restaraunts made the list.Le"Etoile and Le Reve.

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      1. re: HollyDolly


        The L'Etoile honored is almost certainly the one in Madison, Wisconsin ( ), not the unrelated restaurant of the same name in San Antonio.


      2. And Two Dallas restaurants. I am not sure that Nana belongs on this list though.

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        1. re: sl1

          What? Nana isn't better than Moto, WD-50, and Minibar (none of which made the list)?


          1. re: Scott

            Nana's okay, yeah, but it's not that special.


            1. re: TexasToast

              Perhaps you misconstrued my sarcasm. Indeed, Nana is "not that special."


            2. re: Scott

              The fact that WD-50 is not on here is sad, also cru and gilt, paul liebrandt is very talented, I believe he is the next to watch. Also cheers to Restaurant August in New Orleans, which should be even higher on this list. Oh yeah and we all know that the French Laundry should be number 1.

          2. This isn't a great list. A lot of them are still on there based on reputation rather than current quality.

            Chez Panisse at number 2? No, I don't think so.
            Gramercy Tavern in NYC at 34 -- a joke. Gramercy wouldn't make the top 25 in NYC alone anymore.

            This list wants to sound modern and hip by putting Alinea as number 1, but scanning the rest of the list, it's pretty conservative and outdated for the most part.

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            1. re: dippedberry

              Michael Anthony recently took the Exec. Chef Position at Gramercy, and the guy is a tremendous talent. Top Twenty Five in New York? Mos Def.

              1. re: ronzen

                By recently, you mean he was just hired. Hired to overhaul a restaurant that had become tired under the reins of Colicchio who has been distracted by his other restaurants and TV commitments. By hired, you mean he is about to re-vamp the menu and we, the public, have no clue if it will be a subtle change or a complete transformation. So recent that this Gourmet ranking has nothing to do with him. And since we jaded NYers have seen plenty of talented guys fizz out, let's reserve judgement until you've actually tasted what he does at Gramercy.

                He has a good reputation from Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Great. But do you notice BHSB on that Gourmet list? Yeah, I didn't either. Maybe it should've, which only makes the list more suspect, doesn't it?

                1. re: dippedberry

                  maybe he'll do as good a job as chef humm at eleven madison park

                  1. re: dippedberry

                    I had the pleasure of working for Chef Anthony at BHSB. I learned so much from this absolutely talented chef, not only cooking but how to be professional in what you do. Gramercy Tavern is LUCKY to have him. As far as BHSB not being on the list I belive that the list is suspect, can you say PR scam.

                2. re: dippedberry

                  completely agree with yer assessment of Chez Pannise...and I'll add to that Zuni Cafe in SanFran. Makes you wonder if they've gone out to eat in the last 10 years.

                  1. re: sixelagogo

                    I've been eating out in San Francisco regularly for the last 30 years and those are still two of my five favorite restaurants.

                  2. Locke-Ober doesn't really rate that highly among the Boston crowd anymore. It is a great relic of days gone by but there are far better restaurants in Boston that would or should make this list ahead of L.O.