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Sep 21, 2006 03:59 AM

Good Brazilian or Argentine Italian in East Village/LES?

I'm craving some great bobo de camarao, pao de queijo, empanadas al horno, or gnocchi. All would be best, but I would settle for 2. Is there any place around Alphabet City (or at least within a 5 minute drive) that is great? My parents are taking me out for my birthday so I don't want to break the bank, but I might as well take advantage...

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  1. No, if there's a Brazilian restaurant in the area, I've never noticed it. You'll find Argentinian at Buenos Aires on 6th Street off Avenue A or Azul Bistro on Stanton, and they both serve empanadas. Menus on

    1. Between Buenos Aires and Azul, I think Buenos has slightly better prices, Azul better atmosphere. If you're with non-steak or non-meat lovers, Buenos Aires has a slightly more diverse menu (more pastas)). Azul will do take-out, which is surprisingly good. Buenos has a more affordable wine list as well.

      Between the two yyou can't go wrong. I'd say Azul is more festive and has slightly better food overall, but if price is the absolute driver, then do buenos aires. They both take reservations.

      1. it might be worth checking the menu at esperanto, a pan-latin place on 9th and c, to see what they're currently serving. it's not expensive, the atmosphere is terrific, and i've had some great meals there.

        1. Hmm...Buenos Aires sounds good. Thanks for the suggestions. Any recommendations on what's good there?

          Also has anyone been to Samba-Le? I was thinking about checking that place out too.

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            Skirt steak w/ chimichurri. Any of the empanadas (we usually order a selection). Henry LaGarde wines (I believe they have a cabernet that is about $27, and a reasonable but slightly less-good malbec). The filet is also very good and reasonably priced. I was not a fan of the one pasta my friend had, but hey, it's an Argentinean steak place. They also do cheese/meat platter to start that is a good value (huge), with fare that is a little hit or miss, to my recollection. I also recall having a dessert there that I liked, but I am afraid I can't remember what.