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Sep 21, 2006 03:10 AM

Auntie Em's .......

Went there today as a wedding catering option. Had their incredible cupcakes! Coconut- YUM! And, with a great cup of joe. S.O. had a tuna sammy and donned a very large smile after inhaling his lunch. Came home with 2 more cupcakes - another coconut and a red velvet, a very large brownie and a fruit and oat bar. OMG! What do you all think of Auntie Em's. Go have ya a cupcake! :) KQ

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  1. I like the breakfasts at Auntie Em's a lot, too. See if they can do the mini size cupcakes for the wedding, they're even better than the big ones. Did you do a tasting for the wedding?

    1. What are they offering per head?
      Are you having a day wedding?

      Also- did you go next door? I love the cheese shop!

      1. Be sure to try their carrot cupcakes!

        1. To the last three above me here. Yes, they will prepare mini cupcakes along with brownies (Heart shaped and dusted in p. sugar), blondies and lemon bars. I did a mini tasting. Besides the sweets, S.O. had a tuna sammy and I had salad caprese. The salad caprese was nothing to write home about but, S.O. loved the tuna. Ate the whole thing even after a mini lunch an hour before!

          With my menu selection, which I'll be happy to share on general email, it will be about $37.50 per person. That's from a cheese and bread bar B-4 the ceremony, 2 meat(s) dinner, salad, bread basket, dessert and wine bar set up. I will supply my own wine, champagne and alt. drinks. Having an early eve. Sat. wedding - 12 May 07
          BTW -They DO NOT do bread. It all comes from La Brea and Alice Waters is Terri's (owner and chef of Auntie Em's mentor for life. So, can't be too bad eh?

          Did not go next door - Tired of shopping around. So, Auntie Em's is the grand prize winner and so is Compartes for Jonathan's heaven on earth truffles and way too much fun "Love nuts". :)KQ

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            I must say, if that includes labor, the price seems really reasonable. I am getting married on 26 May. Coupla things I've learned: 1- as part of the CA tax code, they CAN (and prob will) charge sales tax on "service," which I have seen called "service fee," and even, "gratuity" in catering proposals. 2- beware of the cake cutting fee. even though I am not jazzed about the pastry chef at the restaurant I've decided on, we're using her anyway, because I'd have to pay a "cutting" fee even if I bring in cupcakes and ice cream. 3- do your official tasting as close to the event as is possible, since availibility and staff may change (spinach this month is probably not a good idea, for example).

            By the way, what a great idea for nosh before the ceremony! Mind if I steal it?

          2. I really like this place. I have eaten several cupcakes (LOVE the denseness of the Red Velvet and the Coconut and the generosity with the frosting). I also love their sandwiches- very fresh produce and turkey. I feel comfortable hanging out on the back porch for hours. Nice folks. Except---once ordered 30 cookies without advance notice and an employee thought I was wierd...wiped them out!