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Sep 21, 2006 03:04 AM

Wine box that can be checked on an airline

I'm looking for a wine box (that holds 4 bottles) that is sufficiently padded to check on a flight to NY. If at retail, please confine recommendations to the SF Bay Area. Thanks.

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  1. I (of all people!) brought wine back to my sisters on a recent trip to New York. I found a two-bottle (not four-bottle) wine carrier (not a box) at the Village Market at the ferry building. It was a very cool-looking suede and green canvas(?) padded carrier with a handle, and a corkscrew and ornately crowned spare cork stopper inside the lid. It rested nicely in a checked bag. It was made by "Picnic at Ascot" and about $25, probably a good investment for a real wine-bibber. For me it was temporary insanity, probably driven by a desire to not be thwarted by the stupid regulations.

    1. Check out some of the wine shops on line. There is a stainless steel case that holds 6 bottles, is well padded and insulated. It's made to be shipped as luggage.

      1. If you want to go the DIY route -- I bought a hard-sided suitcase for $5 at Salvation Army, extra wrapping straps at REI ($5) and got cardboard bottle molds from K&L (free). I've used these to bring champagne back from France and tequila back from Mexico. It works quite well.

        1. In SF, call K&L or Wine Club.

          I've often put four- and six-bottle wine shipping boxes with styrofoam inserts in checked luggage.

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            Yeah, 4 or 6 bottle wine shippers (cardboard boxes with appropriate styrofoam inserts) are your cheapest and easiest solution.