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Sep 21, 2006 02:18 AM

Udupi Bhavan report - South Indian vegetarian in Lowell

Udupi Bhavan report - South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Lowell
We had lunch at Udupi Bhavan last weekend.

We had the Kancheepurum idli, masala dosa and the South Indian thali. The dosa isn't on the menu. I asked the server what he recommended, he asked if I like spicy food and when I said yes, he said he would bring me a "surprise". It turned out to have a filling of mixed vegetable curry (potato, carrot, onion), nicely spiced. Both the idli and dosa came with sambar and chutney. The idli was good but the dosa was exceptional with nicely crisp texture and great flavors in the curry.

The thali was very good, a nice selection of different flavors and
textures from tart (yogurt) to spicy (dal, veggie curry, pickles) to sweet (payasam - vermicelli cooked in milk, honey, cardamom). It came with rice, chapati and pappadum. It made a very big meal.

Cost was reasonable - the dosa was around $8, the thali $10.50. Our
total for more food than we could eat came to about $22 before tax/tip. We took home half of the dosa.

If you're in the area and would like to sample some Indian cuisine that isn't the standard Punjabi, Udupi Bhavan is worth a visit. We intend to go back.

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  1. Thanks for the report of Udupi Bhavan. I've been thinking about this place ever since I saw the takeout menu on a co-worker's desk. Are the dosas available all the time or only on weekends? Could you post the address? Thanks!

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      This is the address:
      1717 Middlesex St
      Lowell, MA 01851
      (978) 654-6653

      I don't think they do takeout. They used to be in Framingham, perhaps your coworker has an old menu? The dosas are available all the time and they do lunch and dinner. There is a menu online - if you do a google search you'll find it. The Kancheepurum idli is the only item I noticed which was only available on weekends.

    2. I'm pretty sure it was a menu for the Lowell place, but OTOH, the coworker lives in Worcester, so who knows? Thanks for the addy!

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        After Udupi Bhavan closed in Framingham, the re-opened in Shrewsbury. It is right on Rt. 9, in the same plaza as Price Chopper and Fred's Chinese Food. Haven't been there yet, but for your co-worker in Worcester it would be perfect. I do believe it is the same owner as the Udupi Bhavan in Lowell.
        As far as Framingham goes, while Udupi closing was a loss for downtown, I think the food at Dakshin (down Waverly street) is superior to Udupi anyway. They have great dosas, uttapam, idly, and other delicious S. Indian delicacies.

      2. Just wanted to report that there is another GREAT South Indian Veggie place almost next door to Udupi in Lowell and it is called "Mysore Veggie" - what a great opportunity to compare great food and cooks side-by-side!!!! Try their doasi, but I think that their bathura and other dishes are definitely TDF.

        1. Had lunch there today--the Kancheepuram idlis were a nice change from the usual (only available Sat & Sun), the Medhu vadas were like a veg fritter, served with an amazing cilantro sauce and a sweet tamarind sauce. The dosais were great, though the spring dosai was a standout--a little lighter than the potato filled one. With chai, the bill came to under $30. There's a very comprehensive Indian grocery store next door too. Just down the street is Pho Mi Mi, in case you need a Viet fix afterward...