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Sep 21, 2006 01:43 AM

25th & Clement

We are moving into the neighborhood and there seem to be a plethora of good looking restaurants in the area. Any locals out there ranked them?

I ate at Bills years ago and had a good sandwich at AK (sic) meats but would love to know more about the crab place and the sushi joints.


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  1. on geary between 21-22nd ave. there's turtle tower. northern pho (peppery/ginger soup). good. very good. i recommend this place to everyone basically.

    there's also PPQ on your block for southern pho (basil/sprouts) this might be the place you're refering to when you ask about the crab place. its a garlic crab. its good. order some garlic noodles too. its a good place if you know what to order for dinner. no pho for dinner though.

    there's a small japanese place on 25th and clement or 26th. its pretty good. prices/slight high for the quality. but if you dont' feel like driving. its your best bet in the area.

    ton kiang for chinese (mixed reviews form the site) for dim sum. or the place next door (also mixed reviews, particulary for dinner)

    1. tommy's has some good mexican food and great margaritas. its at geary and 24th. aziza is on geary right around there, one of the chowhound board favs.

      1. Oyaji is on Clement and 32nd street. my boyfriend recently took me out to dinner here, it was great. delicious sushi and japanese tapas. my favorite dish was Butano-kakuni: Stewed pork belly meat served with Karashi mustard. i cant wait to eat it again.

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          Oyaji is uniformly excellent. Since discovering it a few months ago I think I've been there 8 times :)

          I second the Butano-kakuni rec; also the duck and tongue skewers, the hiryu-zu veg dumplings, and chawan mushi. They also do excellent renditions of "standard" dishes like grilled rice balls, tempura, and grilled beef.

        2. Don't forget Pizzetta 211, very close by. There's also Khan Toke right next to Tommy's, which I like for Thai.

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            pizzetta 211 definitely has the charm and some nice dishes - but betware of the attitude. kind of makes the dining experience a bummer.

            1. re: calexander16

              I have heard this comment before about Pizzetta 211. I've been there perhaps a half dozen times and have had no issues with any attitude. Can someone clarify what this is referring to? Is there a particular person or a particular time (we tend to dine early and on weekdays).


              1. re: adampaul

                Every time I've been there (various times of the evening) the crew does not look at you as you come in. There is a hurriedness to the transactions, and when other diners have asked simple questions, their heads have been lightly bitten off. I haven't had any problems because I treat places like this as if they were "soup nazi's"(shuffle, shuffle). I used to see this same thing at the Thai version of Yamo.

          2. Thank you all for your quick response. Now, all I need are a dry cleaner, pediatrician and vet.