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Sep 21, 2006 01:19 AM

Biggest pancakes or omelette?

Where can I find the biggest pancakes or omelette in the GTA?

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  1. There are many hotel buffets serving both where you can simply fill your plate over the sides.

    But if you need to be served, Joy Bistro used to serve an above average sized pancake that is baked to cook thru and thru. It also happens to be delcious with crispy buttery edges.

    I dont know that I have ever seen an omelette bigger than 3 eggs.

    1. the pancakes at mel's montreal deli are the size of a dinner plate, which i always thought was pretty big :)

      1. If you don't mind going a little out of your way Hy#10 North of brampton, has the best pancake or Omomelette in the city it a small hole in the ground dinner. but you may have to wait in line for a seat always pack on the weekend

        Flapjacks Family Restaurant - 519-927-3514
        16560 Hurontario Street, Caledon Village, ON L7K 1W3

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        1. re: storeman

          Love the brown toast and strawberry jam at Flapjacks. I'll have an order when I'm there and then get a loaf and a jar to go.

          Insomnia's chocolate banana pancake is one big pancake, baked. Very yummy.

          1. re: fickle

            Yes. Insomnia has a similar pancake to Joy, but I like Joy's much better and per this posting, I will add that it is bigger too.

            Kaysee, Why look for the biggest pancake or omelette anyway?