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Little Dishes

The Times reported Little Dishes was changing it's name to Little D Eatery-their website has an interesting explanation-

Just wanted those who like it to know not to worry (I like the pork butt, especially.)

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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if they served better food when they changed the name?

    1. I have to agree w/ Bob Martinez.

      We had a good meal there, but not great.

      1. ...And for those who don't like it: now you know it's still the same joint you hated before.

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        1. re: David W

          David, dont get me and Bob going on this again. I am no 'hater', but they have a lot of work to do if they are going to live up the prices they charge. New nomenclature or otherwise.

        2. Why all the dis about Little D? I have had nothing but pleasant experiences there, and very good food. I'll admit, the wine list is expensive for what it is, but it has consistantly been very good.

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          1. re: crowlish

            "Why all the dis about Little D?"

            Here's 900 words which tell you exactly why I think the place is bland, pretentions, and overpriced.


            If you've had good food there you might want to post about the details.

          2. I agree, I quite like it and the sardines are sublime. I'm surprised at some of the comments.

            1. Well, to start, I agree, as I said, that wines are not particularly well chosen or well priced. However, the pork but is a fabulous dish, the beans are perfectly cooked and just the right amount of acid for my palate. The arugula salad was just piquant enough and dressed nicely. I miss the spaetzle that they used to serve, but it was an inventive twist. I don't go there for the fine dining, as the meze concept implies otherwise. However, I like to go to a nearby place that I find consistently satisfying.

              1. ack
                I didn't have wine there
                but thoroughly enjoyed our variety of little plates
                everything involving seafood (like cod fritters) was deliciously nuanced
                and I like the little pickly things (beets etc) too

                We were very satisfied.

                And I'm going to bet the spaetzle will be back as the menu goes wintery.

                1. Let me just say that anyone who is considering eating at Little D's should see how a majority of people who comment on Chowhound threads about Little Dishes love the place, myself included. Don't let the naysayers be the end all be all about a wonderful neighborhood restaurant. Not sure why it's become a hobby for some to bad mouth this nice establishment. I had a really bad experience (bad oysters, awful waitperson, the tiniest of portions, etc.) the first time I went to Applewood but I still tried it again and was impressed.

                  Regarding the name change (which this thread is allegedly about) you've got to feel sorry for a new place that has to deal with a legal challenge like this so early on in its history. What a hassle. I still can't believe that the word "Dishes" is copyrighted. I guess someone somewhere owns "Little," too.

                  1. With many excellent and memorable Little Dishes meals under my belt, I have defended Little Dishes quite often here and elsewhere, but I have to say, (and as much as I hate agreeing with Mr. Martinez... kidding) I was quite disappointed in my last meal there.

                    Since its opening, I've been about 10 times, and when I went this Saturday, the menu itself just wasn't as appealing as it used to be. Yes, I love the wedge and the pork butt (though pork butt lovers NEED to go to Lupa), but the small plates section of the menu is now almost entirely vegetable and side dishes! I realize some items are out of season, but to have five grilled spears of asparagus for $8-9 and a similarly priced "pickle dish" seems a little ridiculous. I could go on (radish plate, cheese plate, et al) ... it just seems like most of the "little dishes"--once mezes--are now merely side dishes.

                    Of course, everytime I've been, we've always ordered several small plates instead of big plates, because I've found the entrees quite boring -- chicken, steak, lamb, or fish ... not exactly uber-creative. But I digress.

                    For a long time, I thought the meal justified the price. In fact, $8 for a perfectly grilled octopus salad was a bargain. The oysters were always fresh, etc. But the current fall menu is, IMO, just boring, overpriced, and disappointing.

                    It pains me to say this, because I agree that LD is (could be, should be) a great neighborhood place. Here's hoping for some tweaks ...

                    PS I also agree that people, save a truly horrific experience, should *generally* not write off any restaurant without a return trip. And for those considering a trip to LD, I definitely recommend checking it out.

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                    1. re: Beans

                      Thanks for posting something that must have been difficult to say.

                      Back on June 2nd I said something similar -

                      "The Times called it "clarity of purpose" - I call it bland. They just don't do very much with the food - it's a non-interventionist style of cooking. I don't criticize anyone for liking it but I wonder if the folks who do will eventually get bored."


                      People become very defensive about neighborhood restaurants, especially in areas that are short on options. I call it the "Great Addition to the Neighborhood" syndrome. When a new place finally opens up they cut it all kinds of slack. South Slopers deserve some good restaurants. Applewood is a great place on the high end and it would be nice if it was joined by some places offering good food at moderate prices.

                    2. What I want to know is where is a good place to get cheap and tasty light food in Park Slope - I like Tost on 7th for the salads and panini but my honey hates it as they do not serve burgers or steak. And we both like Cafe Steinhof for atmosphere but there's not a decent salad in the place - just stick to your ribs chow. Where can a hungry man and a gourmet woman get a decent meal around here??

                      1. Do they have anything vegetarian?

                        1. if you're willing to make it to or across flatbush, i've found that there are a couple of places that will suit the needs of salad/lighter-food fans and burger-cravers alike. specifically, tavern on dean (dean st and underhill), beast (vanderbilt and bergen), and downtown atlantic (atlantic and bond) fit the bill.

                          in p.s. proper, 12th street grill (12th and 8th ave) and belleville (5th ave and 5th street) come to mind.

                          none of these places are "cheap," but if you stick to the fare you're describing, they are all reasonable.