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Sep 21, 2006 12:50 AM

ISO Telame cheese

When traveling from the Bay Area to LA I used to be able to find producers of this cheese in Riverbank and Los Banos.
Are any of these producers still in business and do they sell it locally (as opposed to upscale markets like Andronicos or Bristol Farms)?

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  1. One of the oldest producers of Teleme is Peluso Cheese in Los Banos. Don't know if they sell direct, but here's the contact info. Let us know what you find out!

    Franklin Peluso
    Henry M. Guerrero
    429 H Street
    Los Banos, CA 93635
    (209) 826-3744 ph.
    (209) 826-6782 fax
    Estab. 1919

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Haven't driven by or called Peluso yet, but apparently the cheese making operation has moved to Rockport, Maine in 2005 and is operating under the dba Mid Coast Cheese.
      They used to carry the cheese at Trader Joes, but I suspect that he wouldn't commit such a large percentage of his production to support the growth of TJs. Or, maybe TJs just didn't sell enough. Unfortunately I don't find any online presence for Peluso or MCC, say for direct purchase.
      I believe that Spring Hill (Petaluma) and Sonoma Cheese Factory make teleme but I've never seen it.

      1. re: DiveFan

        I tasted at Spring Hill last weekend, and they're still making teleme but happened to be out. If you're on a quest, you should definitely call before showing up.

        4235 Spring Hill Road
        Petaluma, CA 94952

        (The same owners recently bought the Petaluma Creamery (in town), but I don't know if they carry all of the Spring Hill cheese and don't have that contact info handy. Sorry.)

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        Peluso Cheese in Los Banos is the company Franklin sold in July 2005. Franklin has no part in the cheeses they're producing. From time to time they may produce some Teleme style cheese on a limited basis.

        Jack E.

      3. It's been a couple of years but we found some at Vella in Sonoma, just a block east and north of the square.

        1. Franklin Peluso has returned to California crafting Franklin's Teleme At the Cal Poly Creamery, San Luis Obispo. Yes, to all who seek and love this American Treasure.

          Any questions, I work with the master cheesemaker...

          Best Regards, Jack E.

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          1. re: Jack Eisenstadt

            Thanks for posting aobut this. Teleme is not listed on the Creamery website. Can we buy the Cal Poly cheeses (and the teleme) anywhere locally or is is strictly mail order or pickup only on 12/8 and 12/13?

            1. re: coconutz

              Hi Coconutz,
              Cal Poly cheeses available for the holidays on their website.
              Plus on campus. Teleme, we sell through distribution in California. Also, over to the east coast through distibutors.
              Where are you located?
              Best Regards, Jack E.

              1. re: Jack Eisenstadt

                Where is it available in San Luis Obispo ?
                At the Cal Poly market on campus ?

                1. re: Jack Eisenstadt

                  Right now I am in Arroyo Grande, so I don't want to mail order it from the website. The website lists 2 days for in person pickup in December, but I won't likely be here then. So I am wondering if I can purchase some in person somewhere. Where on campus do you mean?

                  1. re: Jack Eisenstadt


                    Where in San Francisco can I find the Teleme?


                2. re: Jack Eisenstadt

                  Jack - I didn't see your answer about where in the SF Bay Area one might buy some of Peluso's Teleme. ??
                  Thanks. elise

                  1. re: elisek

                    Mr. Eisenstadt does not appear to be very active on CH.
                    Likewise, the elusive Franklin Peluso has miniscule internet presence. I don't think marketing is his strong point :-(.

                    I'd suggest posting your request on the SFBA board. Hopefully we'll both find out something helpful!

                    1. re: DiveFan

                      A couple months ago I bought Franklin's Teleme at Molinari's Deli on Colombus in SF. Give them a call and see if they still have it.
                      Scolari's Groceries also have carried it in some of their stores.

                    2. re: elisek

                      I bought Teleme when on vacation July 2008. Purchased at Sonoma Market in Sonoma. Sonoma Cheese Factory on The Square also carries it.
                      It was not the same as I remembered from years ago, but F. Peluso evidently is not manufacturing what I purchased years back and loved. It's still creamy and nice, but just not the same in texture and flavor...

                    3. re: Jack Eisenstadt

                      I'm looking for somewhere to buy that wonderful cheese in Southern California.

                      1. re: Jack Eisenstadt

                        As of today I don't see any indication on the Cal Poly Creamery website that Mr. Peluso is making his wonderful teleme there. We should monitor this web site for more info.
                        I noticed that Mid Coast Cheese (his former east coast operation) has a phone number in Los Banos with a contact. Perhaps they should create a Free Blog with some info for consumers.
                        If someone is in the Los Banos area, confirming dijit1's info on Peluso Cheese would be helpful.

                        Cal Poly Cheese:
                        Mid Coast Cheese:

                        Cal Poly Cheese
                        Mt. Bishop Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA, San Luis Obispo, CA

                      2. Here's a link to the Cal Poly Cheese website:


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