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Sep 21, 2006 12:42 AM

Sinless choices in Sin City?

Hi all--

I'm a die-hard foodie who is desperately hoping to stay on track with Weight Watchers during an extended weekend in Vegas.

So, who's got the best salad in Vegas? And/or: Who's got the best low-cal meal in Vegas? I'll take ANY suggestions or ideas you have. (But I still will have to have at least ONE truffle from Vosges. I weep when I see their ice cream for sale at Whole Foods as I pass by again and again...)

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  1. Ouch...that is going to be a challenge. I like the salads at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. They have a turkey tostada salad(you'll have to skip the shell) and a chicken chop salad that is excellent.

    I have also heard that the cafe at the Canyon Ranch spa has tasty healthy, low-calorie choices.

    Good luck!

    1. It's certainly not a gourmet room, but if you're looking for a healthy lunch while shopping I recommend the cafe on the 3rd floor of Nordstroms at the Fashion Show Mall. They have several good salads and often have healthy entrees.

      1. No problem. I am a weight watchers lifetime member and I lived in Las Vegas last year. You can see in my other posts, I have Mentioned Hue Thai, it's vietnamese. Their shrimp noodle soup is made with a very clear broth and they give you fresh herbs to put on top, very healthy I think. I wouldn't worry about the noodles, you'll be doing lots of walking on the strip. TRy Chipolte for burritos, they put whatever you tell them so you can keep it low fat and low cal with the right ingredient choices. There is a fun mexican rest. on the strip too, mexican fajitas aren't bad either. Choose shrimp or chicken or even vegi. Hey just a couple blocks from the strip going east there's an Applebees. I think it's on Maryland right near the mall there. Lindo Michoacan is a mexican favorite, they have two locations, the one on the west side is called Bonita Michoacan. Both are good. Something different and good, Kabobs, look it up. Healthy. I get the vegi dish enough to share two people as appetizer, but you won't be able to eat dinner after that. Surprisingly Very filling! I made that mistake myself. A real taste sensation! Oh, did I mention I have been at my goal weight for 3 years running now? You can do it! I ate that soup about 3 days a week for dinner and still stayed atleast 12 lbs below my goal weight! Have fun!!