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Sep 20, 2006 11:59 PM

Three months in Dublin--where should I eat?

I think the title says it all. I'm looking for all types of food, all price levels. I'd like some affordable places I can go regularly but would like to try nice places too.

On another note, is there Korean in Dublin? I'm currently in the Bay Area and completely hooked.


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  1. Hi Lina:
    Dublin is quite an expensive place to eat. However, there are an increasing number of really good cheap eats in the city... and Korean is one of them.

    the area around Parnell Street, and Moore street is Dublins unoffically "Asia" town- there are a whole range of incredibly cheap, and very good chinese, Korean and Indian restaurants. Allilang is my favourite Korean- great for bbq- always full of young Korean slurping noodles and cooking on the central grill. I find it really good fun eating, and delicious. Madina is an indian inspired, mainly takeaway food service on Moore Street; Northern Palace on Moore street also has a devoted following. None of these places are fancy at all- and the prices reflect that- the food however is very good.

    Other stuff that I like (mainly budget places). the Epicurean Centre (Abbey Street) is cafeteria style dining- with indian, mexican, italian, turkish, french etc offerings. Very reasonable- good for lunch. Gruel on Dame Street is also excellent, a sister restaurant of the more up market Mermaid Cafe. The Irish Film centre (Temple Bar) can be quite good for a budget bite to eat and a pint.

    Georges Street South is my favourite area of town for food at the moment. In a number of different price ranges, Fallon and Byrne, Brasserie Sixty6, Cafe Bar Deli, Havana Tapas Bar, Yamamouri Noodles, L'Gueulteon among others are all very good, and low-mid priced restaurants.

    For vegetarian I like Cornocopia (Wicklow Street). there are a number of sites for good food. try adlib and diningtreats and forkncork is a reasonably good food forum.

    I will post a few more ideas if I think of them.. there are obviously loads more, particularly outside of the main city centre area.

    1. WE spend a month in Dublin evry other year - some of our favorites/regulars not mentioned above are:
      Queen of Tartes on Dame Street
      Bad Ass Cafe in Temple Bar
      Mao Cafe
      O'Neill's Pub - Suffolk St
      Bewley's Cafe - Grafton Street
      Leo Burdocks - multiple locations
      Sheridan's Cheesemonger for take out off of Grafton St on St Ann I beleive
      Chapter One at the writer's museum

      Most of these are reasonably priced and good solid food - Chapter One is upscale.

      1. Thanks so much--this is really helpful. I've been here four days, and so far, the only good food I've had is what I've made! I'll start trying the places you have recommended.

        What about traditional Irish food? Is there anything specific I should try, and if so, where?

        Thanks again!

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          Try O'neill's - Also it is a must to got to Sheridan's - it is my mecca in Sublin and Gakway - it is all takeaway and mostly cheeses, sausage and bread - but I am sure u will not be disappointed

        2. Hey desperate diner,

          I can't find listings for any Korean in Dublin except for Alilang. This ones seems to have turned Chinese recently, although they still claim to be Korean, at least according to the reviews I've seen.

          Do you know of any others? It's only been a week and I'm going through withdrawal!


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          1. re: Lina

            I absolutely second sheridan's. Great people and incredible cheese. Leo Burdock's is also a must, and cheap.

            Butler's chocolate cafe is great. free chocolate with every coffee, Brilliant.
            The Gaellic Kitchen. I can't remember exactly where it is. It's SW-ish of Temple Bar, out towards the Guinness factory. Great quiche. You can also find them at the farmers market that meets in temple bar. Get some hot chocolate there too.
            There's a grocery store called Fresh. It's a few block north of the river and a little bit east of phoenix park. It has very good prepared foods. A good place for quick cheap meals. Also, any foodie who visits Ireland HAS to visit Cork to go to the English Market. There's nothing like it.

          2. I enjoy Wagamama's a lot. Have you tried? it's in Stephen Green Shopping center. And Yamamori's noodles as well.

            On Saturday morning, in Temple Bar there's a Food Market and there're some nice food there. I recommend you the olives!

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              oh my goodness, that olive spread is more beautiful than anything in any of London's galleries.