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Sep 20, 2006 11:45 PM

Brisket in Minneapolis

Like Alice a few months ago, I need some help shopping for my 1 year old's birthday party. I think I have the cake part figured out. However, I need to locate a brisket. My son loves smoked meats so I am thinking of smoking a brisket this weekend for his first birthday party. Any suggestions of the best place in Minneapolis to buy a brisket?

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  1. This is goint to sound weird, but the best brisket I have found in the western suburbs is Costco. It's the only brisket I have found that is trimmed correctly. I'm very picky about my brisket and Costco has the best that I have found in the 10 years I've lived here. Even Lunds/Byerlys doesn't trim right. Good luck!

    1. I've always got mine at Von Hansons (St Paul location), ordered to specification ahead of time. Never had any complaints.

      I've never found them big enough at L/B.

      1. Johnson Wholesale Meat Company. It supply meat to most twin cities restaurants and is open to the public. Can get you almost anything if you call ahead.

        1735 Nicollet Av

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          Is Johnson still open? I thought they had closed a year or two ago.

          1. re: bob s

            You are correct - they are closed.

        2. In my neighborhood (NE Minneapolis), I like Ready Meats on Johnson.

          I keep hearing good things about Costco meats, but I still haven't been able to bring myself to set foot inside one. Maybe this weekend...

          1. Kosher - Fishman's or Byerly's in SLP. But you may be SOL - it's Rosh Hashannah this weekend.

            Regular - Everetts Meats on 36 (38th) at Cedar.