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Sep 20, 2006 10:59 PM

Guatemalan Food?

I went to an engagement party last weekend and they served some delicious food - Guatemalan food. I know there is a place "somewhere in North Hollywood - maybe on Sherman Way?" and a bakery on Beverly (have been told this is the place to go) but have been unable to secure any additional information. Would anyone be able to tell me where these (or other) places are? I am craving me some Guatemalan!! ;-) Thanks!

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  1. The place on Beverly (between Vermont and Normandie) is Guatemalteca Bakery, which is a very good place to go for chapines, or Guatemalan snacks - tamales, tostadas, longanizas, the occasional plate of revolcado or guisada - as well as for Central American baked goods, which aside from the steroidal poundcake called quesadilla tend to be less than compelling.

    For a sitdown meal, the best restaurant is still probably Paseo Chapin across from MacArthur Park, which has formidable pepian and pollo en crema.