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I'm looking for some good camping recipes for a group of 20 or so. We wil be using propane gas for cooking.


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  1. BBQ chicken is always on the menu when we camp. I usually pre-cook the chicken either by boiling or baking and stop about half way. I then package it in ziploc bags and freeze it. Not only does it add "ice" to the ice chest but it keeps really well. At the campsite I finish cooking it on the grill and then add the BBQ sauce. (You said that you will be cooking with propane, but I assume you will also have a BBQ). I use this technique for almost everything......baked beans, chili, etc. Pre-cook everything at home, freeze in ziplocs, and reheat or finish cooking on the range.

    1. I brought an assortment of sausages (brats, bangers, cajun, etc) and rolls with fixings for a recent family campout (15 people) and everyone loved it...and it was so easy! Fajitas with grilled meats and veggies is another one I like to do. Have you ever tried dutch oven cooking? It's lots of fun, and there are so many great recipes. You will need the dutch ovens with the legs and rimmed lids, though.

      1. Though I'd never eat it on level ground, spam has always had an appeal in the mountains.

        1. Are you car-camping, or back-packing? Big difference in what you can pack/cook.

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            We are not back packing (fortunately for me!!)

            Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

          2. english muffin pizzas are my go-to camping food. Obviously, hot dogs, burgers and chicken are easy as well

            1. Adjust recipe to fit the crowd (you may need to make 3 or 4 packages)

              Cut up 2 kielbasas (smoked sausage will also work) Slice on a bias, pieces about 3/4" thick)

              Wash and slice 7 or 8 med. potatoes. Leave the skins on, just slice 'em about 1/4" thick.

              Dice 1 large onion

              Chop up 3-4 fresh serrano and 3-4 fresh jalapeno peppers. (use fewer of these if you do not enjoy spicy dishes)

              Lay out some wide, heavy-duty aluminum foil. Place all of these ingredients on the sheet and mix by hand with a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil. Salt and pepper the whole thing, then cover with another sheet of aluminum foil and fold all around the edges to make a sealed packet. Put it on the grill or lay it on some well charred embers at the edge of your campfire. Turn/spin/flip occasionally. On a gas grill it takes about 30 minutes or so over direct low heat. If you are cooking on embers, you will have to flip it more often.

              You can tell its getting pretty close to done when you can hear some wild sizzling going on inside the foil and it steams like crazy when you peel back an edge.

              If you do it right, the kielbasa gets a little charred.

              Cut open the top, fold back the edges and serve.

              I have heard this dish called "hobo supper"; I got the recipe from a biker pal I knew years ago. It is unbelievably good camping food.

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                I do something similar to this and always make extra packets that are heavy on the potatoes and light on the kielbasa. We grill them up with dinner, let them cool down, throw them in the cooler and reheat them to have with our eggs in the morning. I call it camp hash.

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                  I wholeheartedly concur. In my Girl Scout/church camp world they were called *hobo stew packets*. And they are so versatile....just throw in anything you have. I put out all the ingredients I have on hand in bowls or on paper plates and let everyone make their own. Options I like are kielbasa sausage; chunks of chicken (preferably pre-cooked); green, red and/or orange bell peppers cut into strips; sliced or diced onion; potatoes (pre-boiled or baked is better); carrots; celery; and spices -- salt, pepper, granulated garlic, celery salt, Italian seasoning, etc. Take a large square of foil, folded in half, and put fillings in the center. Season and wrap up tightly, sealing edges together. I use masking tape and a Sharpie pen to let each camper initial and personalize their own packet, as all of them look the same on the fire. Cook on hot coals or BBQ about 10 minutes per side or 20 minutes total. Carefully remove packets from heat source as they will be HOT. Check for doneness. Top with sour cream and eat right out of the foil......yummmmmmmmm. No dishes to clean and great satisfaction to little ones who puff with pride thinking they cooked their own dinner. Also, for super-hungry Dads, it's better to make two smaller packets than one large one as they cook more evenly and quickly. Have a great time camping!!

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                    That's the spirit of it in a nutshell, pilotgirl. I especially like your idea of letting the kids fix their own. I will use that as soon as my grandkids are old enough.

                2. I agree with the notion some foods taste better out of doors and with the hunger attained after activities I've made smoked hams such( as Cooks)or corned beef,boiled tators,cabbage,good mustard, etc.as well as cheeses,apples, pears hot cider and cinnamon.I keep away from hard to clean up with cold water items espesially in the fall.Any type hot dog on a stick from campfire to the bun tastes great.I've made great meals using a Brinkman smoker more time to have fun and not Clean.Scrubbing is usually unavoiable so I tend to cook with water steaming,or grilling bring good paper plates and have fun

                  1. Not exactly a 'traditional'camping type dish, but I've made paella a couple of times for friends on a propane gas stove while camping -we believe that the secret to enjoying camping lies in eating well. I bring chicken pieces (frozen & in the cooler), chorizo, onion, green pepper, garlic, a bag of uncooked rice, chicken stock, good olive oil, saffron, peas...whatever you intend to put in the paella. It's a great one-dish meal that goes well with nice wine that others have brought!:)

                    1. Pasta with smoked clams(the kind from the tins). One of the most simple, tasty outdoor dishes you can create! Take along some grated parm and your in business.

                      1. For such a big group, cook a big pot of chilli on the campfire. :P

                        1. A friend of mine - she's a food writer - published a camping cookbook last year - Campfire Cuisine. She also has suggestions for how to pack, what ingredients to use first, how to store things, etc. It's great if you want a little more pizzazz than the regular camping fare!


                          1. My husband loves to do chile verde. He makes it in a dutch oven but you could do it over the stove. Serve with warm tortillas, it's yummy.

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                              Will you share your husband's recipe for chile verde, sounds great!?! I love making fresh tortillas outdoors too! (I've made huevos rancheros for breakfast camping-great stuff!)

                            2. I love the old-fashioned potatoes covered with butter, salt and pepper and then foil and roasted on the edge of the embers. Russet spuds only.
                              This dish is so simple but so delicious....

                              Another dish I would not eat at home but love when camping is canned corned beef hash fried up with onions and then topped with eggs to poach on top. Add lots of ground pepper and serve with ketchup for those who really want to be gross.

                              1. Some friends and I occasionally make what we call a "Hot Tub": It's basically sausages and onions simmered in beer. For a group your size you will need a large kettle. We saute two or three sliced onions in oil or butter in a large pot, then add three or four beers and 6 sausages. Simmer for a while, then serve the sausages on toasted buns with some of the onions. If you've got a grill I like to fire the sausages at the last minute to get a little char going.

                                1. We made trout ceviche on day five of a nine day trip this past summer but we had access to as many trout as the law allows.

                                  For car camping, fajita ingredients in a big aluminum foil hersey's kiss is super-easy.

                                  1. If you need to cook for 20 with only a propane stove I would definately suggest stews, pasta and things easily made in large portions for a group. Mac and cheese was always a hit when I would work with kids in the woods and you can always dress it up with more interesting ingredients. If you also have use of a fire there's so much more you can do. Corn on the cob is great just wrap it in tinfoil. Also you can do steamed veggies hte same way by adding some butter and spices to the packets and then use the stove to cook up some rice. If you are looking for desserts other than smores one of my favorite camping desserts is done by slicing up apples and wrapping them in foil with cinnimon and sugar and throwing it in the fire. It's basically an apple pie minus the filling and it's delicious and warm.