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Sep 20, 2006 10:16 PM


I'm looking for some good camping recipes for a group of 20 or so. We wil be using propane gas for cooking.


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  1. BBQ chicken is always on the menu when we camp. I usually pre-cook the chicken either by boiling or baking and stop about half way. I then package it in ziploc bags and freeze it. Not only does it add "ice" to the ice chest but it keeps really well. At the campsite I finish cooking it on the grill and then add the BBQ sauce. (You said that you will be cooking with propane, but I assume you will also have a BBQ). I use this technique for almost everything......baked beans, chili, etc. Pre-cook everything at home, freeze in ziplocs, and reheat or finish cooking on the range.

    1. I brought an assortment of sausages (brats, bangers, cajun, etc) and rolls with fixings for a recent family campout (15 people) and everyone loved it...and it was so easy! Fajitas with grilled meats and veggies is another one I like to do. Have you ever tried dutch oven cooking? It's lots of fun, and there are so many great recipes. You will need the dutch ovens with the legs and rimmed lids, though.

      1. Though I'd never eat it on level ground, spam has always had an appeal in the mountains.

        1. Are you car-camping, or back-packing? Big difference in what you can pack/cook.

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            We are not back packing (fortunately for me!!)

            Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

          2. english muffin pizzas are my go-to camping food. Obviously, hot dogs, burgers and chicken are easy as well