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Sep 20, 2006 10:14 PM

Little India in Artesia. Recc's?

I drove by it the other day, saw a few options on Pioneer Bl. Looked like some great prospects, small family places with interesting menu's.


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  1. Ashoka the Great is pretty delicious -- no specific dishes stand out in my memory, but everything was pretty tasty and well-spiced, and the prices are quite reasonable.

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    1. re: tannazie

      Thanks for the recc, and adding a link. I'm going to try it... wp

    2. India Restaurant on Pioneer in a mini mall is packed with locals for their lunch buffet which I think is $7.95 or $8.95. Last time we ate there there were 23 different dishes plus full salad bar and three desserts. Hot naan brought to the table. Chowpup said he wanted to move in next door, the food was so delicious. We were the only non South Asians in the place so you know its good.

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        I'll be a second for India Restaurant. It's my current fave in Little India. I like Ambhala Dhaba's sweet shop's selections of desserts, too.

      2. Woodlands, Udipi Palace, and Thirupathi Bhimas are good places for South Indian food.

        1. Jay Bharat has a great punjabi thali. Also love the papri chaat and Falooda at Rasraj.

          1. almost everything at surati farsan mart.