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Sep 20, 2006 10:12 PM

Between Houston and Dallas on I-45

We will be driving this strip of road in the near future. Any recommendations for restaurants? Appearance doesn't weigh heavily. For example, I do know I like the food at Woody's in Centerville for BBQ. It's the best gas station food I've ever had!

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    1. I always stop at the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church & BBQ in Huntsville. It's an easy shot off of I45 (exit on Montgomery and go east for a mile or two, and it's on the right). I think it's pretty darn righteous barbecue, and I just like being there.

      And of course, I also like knowing my lips are smacking 'round something that's helping the Lord in His holy work.

      At least that's my story....

      1. A place I've heard of but not tried is the Branding Iron in Marquez, just west of Centerville. It's supposed to have AYCE river or lake caught catfish and hushpuppies every Friday evening. That may be the only time it's open, I don't know. Supposed to be very good.

        1. We always stop at Woody's and love it, especially because it really is halfway between Houston and the metroplex. I have heard that Sam's (in Fairfield, I think) is very good, but have never gone there because on the way up it is too close to my destination and coming home it's too far!

          1. Don't stop at Sam's unless you want an all you can eat below average CFS, BBQ, typical country buffet type food. It's better than Golden Corral, but not by much.

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              I agree with donnaaries, except I've been to better Golden Corrals. We went to the state fair in Dallas last weekend, saw the signs for Sam's, and noted that the parking lot was full for breakfast Saturday morning on the way up. So, we decided to stop in for lunch Sunday on the way back to Houston. The food was mediocre, at best. Pasty chicken fried steak, stringy barbecue flavored mainly from the sauce, and fried chicken without much flavor at all. Salad bar and vegetables were just so-so, and the green bean quiche (or whatever they call was in the one pan) was just plain weird. If you've ever stopped at Schoebel's in Columbus, this does NOT compare favorably.