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Sep 20, 2006 10:10 PM

boston in beacon hill

Fun dinner for two near beacon hill (Staying at Nine Zero). Looking for something swanky and fun with great food

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  1. By "fun" do you mean a "scene"? Boston doesn't do "scene" well (and we like it that way).

    Otherwise, I'd say a favorite swanky, great food Beacon Hill rec on this board is No. 9 Park.

    1. Boston is a small city so you don't necessarily have to stay in Beacon Hill. For swanky, I'd suggest Mistral or Sorellina, which are Back Bay/South End-ish respectively.

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        Have you been to Sorellina very recently? I heard they've already replaced their executive chef!

      2. I actually haven't been to Sorellina recently...I had no idea!