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Sep 20, 2006 09:41 PM

any good tacos in glendale?

well....are there? can be a stand, a sit down, a mom n pop. prefer no chains, which usually do't serve good tacos anyway. thansk!

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  1. There are a couple of places on Glendale, definitely south of Colorado (just can't remember exactly how far south - but they are both on the east side of the street) that have decent tacos. One is a A-frame looking house and the other is a small restaurant next to a small market (maybe a flower shop across the steet?). Isn't it great when people can be specific??!!
    ;-) Sorry!

    1. If you're looking for a sitdown place, La Cabanita is excellent (if you consider LaCanada/Flintridge or Montrose or wherever that is to be close enough).

      1. Is Taco Naco still open over there on San Fernando, near the Burbank Glendale Border behind Poster's donuts?

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          Tell me it isn't REALLY called Taco Naco. That would be horrible, like a burger joint named "Trailer Park Trashburgers"!

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            I have to write more about Taco Naco. I promise that if they do not have THE BEST carne asada tacos that you have ever eaten, I will eat my hat! I have tried every taco stand, hut, etc in California, and nothing but King Taco even comes close. My mouth is watering now...thanks. I think I will drive over 500 miles now to Taco Naco. Cheers

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            OH GOSH! jackattack, you have it right! as far as I know there are there on San Fernando and Allen St. if you have not tried Taco Naco, you must! Sure, the name is whacky - but the best darn tacos that were EVER created. My wife and I now live in Northern California - and whenever we are back in Glendale, the first stop is Taco Naco. we cannot find tacos that even come close to these.

          3. El Sauz, on San Fernando and Chevy Chase.

            Tacos Azteca on Colorado, can't remember the cross street, but close enough to Zankou.

            Tacos Villa Corona in Atwater, on Brand.

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              second TVC.

              someone just told me about el sauz and loves it. can't wait to try!

            2. My 2 places I will go for tacos in Glendale are...
              1. Gina's Taco's on Colorado Blvd. just East of Pacific on the West side of the street. Small little hut. Stick with the asada tacos... their burritos are not good at all and the other meats (i.e. pastor, lengua, carnitas) are all not that good either. I think maybe because those meats are not as popular and they sit around much longer? They are open late (I don't know if they are 24 hours but I have gone there late nights before).
              2. Tapatio #?? - On Glendale Blvd South of Los Feliz on the East side of the street. I use to go here all the time 10-15 years ago. Great meats all around and great prices too. I reccomend this over Gina's.

              All that said, if I'm craving tacos and am willing to drive a bit outside of Glendale, I will go to King Taco in Pasadena. Parking is a pain, but they have set the standard for tacos in my opinion.

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              1. re: shabushabulova

                Hey Shauu, I think that Tapatio place is one of the ones I mentioned above - thanks!
                BTW, if you think King Taco has set the standard, try the little store that I have mentioned here before. They really do make fantastic! al pastor (still my fave there although another poster thinks their Carnitas are better), carne asada, carnitas, etc. Tacos $1 and HUGE burritos $4. They are there from 9-8 M-Sat (at 5 they put a grill in front) and til 2 on Sundays. Go try them and let us know what you think.

                La Bodeguita Mini Mkt.
                1135 N Summit Ave/N of Mountain and E of Raymond
                Pasadena, CA 91103