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Sep 20, 2006 09:40 PM

Best Tasting Menu in LA?

My mom is coming to town and I want to find a top-quality tasting menu so I can take her out.

I've done a few in the past, and my abosolute favorite is Providence. It was unbelievable and I'd take her there in a heartbeat, but I like to save the visits to that restaurant for my fiance, cause she's a what do you call it? pescatarian? I always forget the name. whatever it is, she only eats fish.

So i was thinking of branching out w/ something a little more wide ranging, but really any thing you all love is welcome suggestion.


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    1. re: garnishgirly

      I second Sona. Damned good.
      I'm a fan of Melisse, but it's a bit more intense.

    2. OPUS. Search and find my post on my dinner there last week...

      1. Providence or Melisse would be my votes.

          1. Melisse or Sona. The neat thing about Sona is that they serve different plates. We had the 9 course and ended up trying 18 dishes! Great surprise!