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Best Tasting Menu in LA?

My mom is coming to town and I want to find a top-quality tasting menu so I can take her out.

I've done a few in the past, and my abosolute favorite is Providence. It was unbelievable and I'd take her there in a heartbeat, but I like to save the visits to that restaurant for my fiance, cause she's a what do you call it? pescatarian? I always forget the name. whatever it is, she only eats fish.

So i was thinking of branching out w/ something a little more wide ranging, but really any thing you all love is welcome suggestion.


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      I second Sona. Damned good.
      I'm a fan of Melisse, but it's a bit more intense.

    2. OPUS. Search and find my post on my dinner there last week...

      1. Providence or Melisse would be my votes.

          1. Melisse or Sona. The neat thing about Sona is that they serve different plates. We had the 9 course and ended up trying 18 dishes! Great surprise!

            1. Norman's 8 course tasting menu was the most delicious meal of my life.

                1. The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton Pasadena- genteel dining room for mom (especially a table on the veranda overlooking the gardens) and the food is outrageously good.
                  Craig Strong's cooking will wow you if you enjoy Providence.

                  1. can't complain about nobu's tasting menus, although they tend to repeat so not
                    great for multiple visits

                    1. SPAGO



                      Spago is a bit more sceney, with power players and celebrities. Tasting menu is downright one of the best I have ever had.

                      The Ritz is quiet, set in a lovely garden, with a handsome neighboring bar, and regal couches and chairs to lounge on. They may have a person playing the accordion or piano, too. Chef Craig Strong is talent.

                      1. Alain Giraud at The Peninsula this week and next week. 5 course dinner "Farewell to Summer" is the theme. I'm going!!!

                        We went to his truffle dinner as well, and it was outstanding.

                        Don't miss it.

                        1. Spago is definitely on my tasting-menu to-do list. Would love to hear more specifics about Sona's and Providence's tasting menus!

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                            Providence's tasting menu is sublime. Michael reminds me of the great joel robuchon in some ways. At least in terms of aim for subtlety. It starts out lots of sharp and refreshing flavors he mixes with oysters and flavorful small fish. Then he opens up to broader, more savory flavors. My favorite dish was a seared day boat scallop with fois gras ravoli, fava bean pate, and summer truffles. It was the most amazing single dish I've ever had. His desserts are not exactly bombastic, but quite refined. The choice of fine cheeses was clearly top notch, someone knew what they were doing (sadly some "5 star" restaurants don't know thier fine cheeses). And definitely go for the wine pairings.

                            Best of all? It's not overpriced.

                          2. Urasawa, in for a penny, in for a pound...