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Sep 20, 2006 09:26 PM

Across from Lucca's, next door to Garcon, what's up with this little restaurant?

I was at Lucca's yesterday and I've always been curious about this place. There is no name (that can be seen from accross the street) yet there are little signs posted up everywhere. It's usually closed when I'm there (daytime), but I've seen it open when I've driven by at night.

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  1. Is that the eccentric five-seat Cuban (?) place?

    1. I've never been, but I walked by there this afternoon. It's called Radio Habana Social Club and is open Mon-Sat 7pm to Midnight. Seats maybe 12-15 people. Austensibly Cuban, they advertise tapas, sangria, and singing, and also offer a weird amalgam of 4 or 5 large plates ranging from Mediterranean to Italian to Andean to Mexican on the menu I saw.

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        It's open late (Midnight most nights) and it's very spazzy, but unfortunately the food was not great the one time I went there. Go for an interesting experience, or for late night food once everything else is closed in the neighborhood, but don't go expecting any culinary marvels.

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            Valencia and 22nd, southwest corner.
            Italian grocery and deli and ravioli manufactory.

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              It's the Italian deli at 1100 Valencia, right on the Southwest corner at 22nd. A wonderful San Francisco institution, this. It's great watching them make their ravioli during the day in the house next door to the store. It's a great place to get all your fine foods.

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                And they have parking! I always forget about their little lot and park on the street. Oddly I've never tried their ravioli, but the fresh flat noodles are as good as I've found in the city if I'm not making them myself. Vivande's fresh pasta is up there too, but I've never done a side by side blind tasting of the two.

                They also have a good selection of cured meats and fish, of the dry salted kind, the smoked and oil packed kind, etc.

                Can anyone comment on the relative quality of their truffle products compared to say, Rainbow Grocery's truffle oil/paste selection?