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anyone know whether these are available fresh yet? there was talk of this last month.

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  1. Too bad -- I recently had some fresh mangosteen in Singapore and it was wonderful. Unlike the durien paste I sampled -- gahh!!

    1. Could have sworn I just saw them at Trader Joe's near the peaches and such -- was I imagining it? Or was it some other small tropical fruit that I'm confusing it with?

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        Just saw some longan there - could it have been that?

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          TJ's has (had?) the freeze dried mangosteens last month in their "new products" endcaps. Delicious, but I'm sure a shadow of the fresh item.

        2. there was talk of a lifting of this ban, as soon as this fall. a place called melissa's was reported to be getting them, but i don't know what this source is. also some of the vietnamese and thai grocers.

          never had one but hope to...

          1. Most foreign produce isn't irradiated. There are only a few products that are allowed to enter the US with irradiation and many of the countries that grow these products are not certified to import them yet.

            To keep this topic on Los Angeles, take a trip to the 9th street market and look at the boxes to see where the fruit is from and how they are treated. While there grab a pastrami sandwich at Bernie's.


            1. The Chowhound Team split a discussion of the mangosteen ban and moved it to the General Topics board. Please go here to discuss nonlocal aspects of this conversation:

              1. If any place has them, it will be Tien Phat Produce (9291 Bolsa Ave., in Westminster, (714) 893-7970), which has a truly wonderful selection of fresh tropical fruit. Last time we were there, we bought some jackfruit that was amazing.

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                  Yes, if anyone has them, Tien Phat will. They're a wholesaler / retailer of SE Asian fruits.

                  I spoke with a customer serivce rep at Melissa's Produce, and was told they plan on importing them from Thailand starting August 2007. Was told that irradiation treatment facilities (or lack thereof) as the cause for delay.

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                    any thing else there
                    where is westminister
                    wheres lychee

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                      ^ Try inserting the address into google maps or mapquest --

                      9291 Bolsa Ave., Westminster CA 92683

                  2. another year....

                    thank you. for those that didn't see it there is an informative NY Times article: