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Great food within walking distance of Sacramento and VanNess?

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My fussy (or, more kindly, highly discriminating) dining companion does not like sushi or more generally Asian, Mexican or steak (all of which I know are available nearby) and loves Zuni, A16 and Oliveto. Any post-concert dinner recommendations in this neighborhood that would please such a palate?

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    1. Keeping the recs in alphabetical order: Antica.

      1. Pesce is a fun tapas place, and the food's generally very good. There's also La Folie, where I've never been, but all the reviews seem to be raves.

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          Second on both of those, though they're a bit further afield, other side of Broadway.

        2. Street; Tablespoon; Le Petit Robert.

          1. the palate seems italian, so ristorante milano, frascati,