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Sep 20, 2006 08:55 PM

Help @ Champps!

An organization that I'm involved in (and has monthly meetings) has just moved our dinner meeting location to a Champps Americana. From past experience, I've never had anything great here as far as the food is concerned (see full opinion here:


I need help! I will be eating at this place at least 7 more times for these meetings. Are there certain menu items that are better than others? Items worth trying? Items to avoid?

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  1. I wish you the best of luck. Champps is one of the few places where I truly cannot find anything I even remotely enjoy eating.

    1. i think that their sandwiches/burgers are decent. not the best, but decent.

      i like that they have waffle fries. i don't like that they give you a thimble full of ketchup for your fries - just give me the whole bottle, please.

      i like that they have games on multiple tv's. i don't like that the room is not layed out well for watching games and that you cannot hear the games cuz the place tends to be loud.

      i like that they have decent beers on tap. i don't like the tall, skinny 23 oz glasses with the little handle. give me a good pint glass or a 23 oz weisse beer glass.

      1. This question came up on the Midwest board some time ago.

        They are a sports bar, with food not spectacularly better or worse overall than say a Friday's or Chili's. Some of my friends like their pizzas, but my impression is that their pastas are sweet and gloopy. One of my colleagues goes there solely for the BLT. And my neighbor likes their potato salad (or at least likes that they have potato salad).

        I will often get their 1/2 soup/sandwich with the chicken noodle soup and a tuna sandwich. It's reasonably tasty. And not the best Rachel in town, but certainly good enough that I can survive our frequent group outings.

        At least your organization didn't pick someplace completely abominable like Applebee's!