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Sep 20, 2006 08:54 PM

Harlem restaurant?

LA foodies want to eat in Harlem and I need a suggestion.

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  1. 1.Charles' Southern Kitchen,do the sit down lunch buffet
    2.Patsy's Pizza, east harlem branch
    3.Dinosaur BBQ

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      See my Brooklyn post for context & then take them to Charles', as the above poster recommends. You cant get more Harlem than that, especially since Sylvia's and all the other old line places arent good food anymore. There are plenty of good restaurants in Harlem, but Charles' IS Harlem.

    2. Amy Ruth's for soul food.

      I have no idea what the bbq scene is in LA, but Dinosaur is also a lot of fun and you may be able to combine it with a trip to the Fairway across the street.

        1. La Marmite (for Senegalese): try the Cheb Jeunne
          A Taste of Seafood, which serves up a huge, cheap,crispy and moist fried whiting sandwich.
          M&G Diner for soul food (although lots of people sing the praises of Charles', as mentioned above, and, recently, the Hungry Cabbie made a pretty convincing case for Chicken and Waffles at Londel's)
          Sandy's, on 2nd and 116th (or any number of joints in the nearby vicinity) for salty pernil, mofungo, spanish coffee, dominican breakfasts and, of course, chuchifritos.

          1. I recommend Melba's. They are the only place in Harlem where I have enjoyed every morsel of food of food on my plate. My second choice is MoBay.