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Sep 20, 2006 08:53 PM

If you were picking one Brooklyn restaurant?

Foodies from LA want to eat at one Brooklyn place. Any suggestions would be welcome, someplace worth driving to from Manhattan?

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    1. re: adamandeve

      Second al di la!

      But try and get to DiFara's also.

      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        Al Di La, but it's a tough choice.

        DiFara is top notch
        Franny's is great and always popular
        I'm a huge fan of the food at Garden Cafe, Rose Water and Applewood.

        I still think Al Di La though since I went back 3 times in two weeks and I never do that.

    2. depends what you are looking for. The Brooklyn scene is much less flashy when compared to Manhattan. Some great spots:

      al di la
      the near-perfect casual Italian restaurant. no reservations, but they have a wine bar around the corner where you can wait. "Neighborhood spot" vibe. Excellent food, reasonably priced.

      The Grocery
      Small place, I think 10 tables? It can feel a little crowded, but amazing food, all about simple preparation and exceptional ingrediants. Often considered the best in BK.

      Another small spot, but with a lot of heart. One of my favorites.


      1. Al di La
        Stone Park

        1. Since you're visiting from out of town, when you say Brooklyn, I'll take it that you mean "Brooklyn" so...

          --Peter Luger - best steak in NYC but also in a German-style chalet with ancient grumpy waiters.
          --L&B Spumoni Gardens - great square slices from the take-away pizza window but also has a red-sauce slinging restaurant with huge portions. The food is just decent, but the Bay Ridge atmosphere is straight out of Saturday Night Fever but with families.
          --Relish - hipster Williamsburg is full of good restaurants now, but this place is a renovated dining car serving decent New American. A retro throwback to chrome 50's style diners.
          --Monkeytown - Another view of hipster Williamsburg, an interesting take on dinner and a movie. Artsy and experimental, so's the food, which can be hit or miss. Service sucks, but you're being served by hipsters so you gotta expect it. Reserve for the movie room way in advance.

          These aren't the best restaurants in Brooklyn (except Peter Luger) but they offer something different, a side of Brooklyn, for people from out of town. (I'm missing a lot of other good places, but these are off the top of my head.)

          1. <<Foodies from LA want to eat at one Brooklyn place...>>

            "Foodie"? Applewood, no question.

            "Chowhound"? DiFara's Pizza, no question.

            A tremendous amount has been said about each on this board -- just do a search.