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Sep 20, 2006 08:34 PM

Rural county fairs

What a delight to come home from our own travels and read the Chowtour. Ron and I haven't been to a country fair since the children were tiny. In those days after the baked goods and jams were judged and ribbons were awarded, we could purchase these home-crafted items. Do fairs still do that or is it just commercial vendors selling food now?

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  1. there is an old fashioned country fair that takes place every summer in grahamsville ny [sullivan county catskills region]. food judging contests, homemade quilts and other crafts for sale.


    1. The Topsfield Fair in Topsfield MA is the oldest agricultural fair in the country. They've got judging for livestock, fruits, vegetables, poultry, sheep, pigs - everything you can imagine. There are tons of demos - blacksmithing, milking, wood carving, special arena shows like oxen or antique farm tractor pulling, and the inevitable Giant Pumpkin contest. The Grange has handmade items for sale as well. And there's always the Midway and rides, along with musical acts.

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        We ditched Topsfield years ago in favor of Deerfield Fair in Deerfield,NH (Sept 28-Oct 1) and, most wonderfully, Fryberg Fair in Maine, (the week after Deerfield). I think the URLS are and

        Deerfield and Fryberg are more true New England and less commercial/citified. Fryberg especially. Hang around the barns at Fryberg and you'll hear Maine accents and conversation from the old timers that you won't hear after they pass on.

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          I haven't actually been to the Topsfield Fair; but used to work in Newburyport and had to deal with traffic trying to get to Topsfield while I was going to work/coming home.

          The last fair like this that I was at was the Sussex County Horse Show in Sussex County, NJ....way back when I was a teenager.

      2. Thank you both. We might visit a few fairs. It seems like fun.