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Sep 20, 2006 08:15 PM

Duke of Gloucester- is it a chain?

It this part of a chain? And has anyone been to this pub? Is it any good for pub food? Whats the best thing to order?

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  1. As far as I know it's stand-alone, and it's one of my favourites in Toronto. It's just slightly grungy and rundown, but that gives it its charm and authenticity. I'd say it's the closest to a real British pub you'll get in this city, along with the House on Parliament. Definitely a step up from the indentikit chains that forgot the heart and soul of a real pub. My guilty food pleasure there is the jalapeno joe balls...don't ask, just try.

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      oh good, that is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear! Authentic british pubs is what I'm all about. (HOP is my fav place in toronto)

    2. yes - very authentic. my husband is from UK and he loves this pub. quiz nights on thursdays with quiz master from Northern Ireland. they also have some UK food like chip buddies. definitely check it out.

      1. I really enjoy their chips with curry gravy.

        1. mm mm excellent. This sounds like the place for me!! I'll let you know how I like it! Any recomendations?

          1. Other 'Duke' pubs in Toronto are part of a chain, but not Gloucester. I can't recall eating there, as I usually just have drinks. I don't think I've been disappointed the one or two times I've had food.

            For reference, here is the 'Duke Pubs' website:

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              The other Duke pubs aren't known for stellar food. We run Theology on Tap on 4th Monday of each month at Duke of York, and the food is pricy and not that tasty. I mean, come on, $40 for a platter of dips and pita? I know that places like Firkin pubs at least give discounts on food for large groups.

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                I agree, the other Duke pubs are definitely a miss for food. The sad thing is, the Duke of York had great food about 8 years ago, but those days are long behind...