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Hate ‘Last post by’, please change

Is it possible to have the OP and last poster on the listings? If not, we’d rather see the OP.

This doesn’t correct the problem that people have complained about, visibility to who is participating in a topic.

I’m interested in participants, but I’m more interested in who spent money visiting a restaurant and took effort to write the post. It is unfair to see a topic with a handle of some no-thought reply like “What’s the address?”

I don’t read Chowhound everyday. Without opening a post I have no idea who wrote the post. For example, we like the posts by LStaff who is very knowledgeable about beer. A beer topic that doesn’t otherwise interest us, we would read if we saw the OP was by that poster.

It brings up another problem which is why I am posting. My husband was about to post about our vacation last night until he saw the change. For years, there is a Chowhound poster who always has a comment on Ron's posts. He is argumentative and always has to have the last word.

Ron said he was damned if he was going to spend time posting only to see all of his topics with only that poster's name on it. It is also his exaggerated opinion that every single post on Chowhound is going to have this poster's name on it.

For me, the last poster doesn’t give me the information I am interested in. No one wanted to see Chowhound feature posters like other forums, but there are certain names that will cause us to open a post we might not otherwise read because we like their comments.

The new feature doesn’t give that visibility. It is the luck of timing about who the last post is by. We still have to open posts.

Is anything being done to make tracking a more useful option?

The work of everyone at Chowhound is appreciated. We just don’t like this one change.

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  1. If there's someone that's following your husband around and deliberately harassing him, please email moderators@chowhound.com to let us deal with it. Don't let yourselves be driven away from the boards over the bad behaviour of others.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chowhound for finally making this change. I realize this doesn't allow me to immediately see all the new posters for a thread, but this at least gives me some valuable updated information.

      1. I like the new change. Keep making it better!

        Thanks to the Chowhound Team!

        1. I hate this "Last post by" change too. Please change it back. Knowing who the OP is informs me about that person's taste and location, based on their prior posts and makes it easier to scan to see which threads to read (can't read them all!), in addition to the topic line. Knowing who the last poster was doesn't tell me much about the thread, and sometimes it's a small comment or a marginally related comment. Plus I may have missed the last 5 latest posters, so I just don't see what difference it makes to see who the very latest poster is. Plus, the yellow highlighting of unread posts in threads I've read previously, is much more helpful in telling me what's new.

          1. I *REALLY* don't like the "last post by" change. Is there any way to create a setting in your profile where you can turn this on/off? I would really like to know who wrote the original post -- this is especially good for reviews. If I want to see recent posts, I can view by Latest Reply.

            If I'm interested in a post, I am so because of the topic or because of who posted it -- not because of the person last posting.

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            1. re: The Oracle

              Very strong ditto. It may not be a democracy, but I vote for bagging the "last post by" feature and returning to the original poster.

            2. Second (or third) the thumbs down.
              OP very relevant, "last post by" irrelevant.
              Or at least make it an option, like the "View by..."

              1. Add me to the list of people who prefer the OP versus the last poster. There are some Chowers who I like to see things when they post and go to them a lot. If I want tosee who the last poster is, I know there is something new by the color and the "New" balloon. I then go to the post and see where the shaded comments are and know they are non-read responses.

                Can you switch back to OP please?

                1. In theory it sounded like a great idea but as it turns out I don't like it either. There seems to be some redundancy of topics on certain boards; however, in the past the names and dates of the OP helped me keep things straight. Now I can't distinguish from "your favorite poptart flavor" posted by Snoopy from Feb. 2004 vs. "your favorite poptart" posted by Linus from August of 2006 cause Charlie and Lucy just chimed 3 and 4 hours ago with their $.02.

                  1. We've updated the design a bit in order to display both the original poster and latest poster information. Hope you guys like it.

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                    1. re: Engineering

                      That's the ticket. I think you've just made everybody happy!

                      1. re: Engineering

                        I can see the OP and the last poster. That's good. Thank you Chowhound Engineering.

                          1. re: Chris VR

                            Not to be greedy but I think it's really relevant to know when a thread was started. With so many ancient threads being resurrected, being able to see at a glance that the thread is 3 years old would be very helpful.

                            1. re: Chris VR

                              I agree. Thanks ofr all the improvements though.

                              1. re: MMRuth

                                I third this recommendation (adding the date of the first post next to the original posters name).

                          2. re: Engineering

                            Agree - thanks for making this change so quickly.

                          3. If there were a way to allow individual users to choose whether they want OP or LP info (e.g., in customized settings upon logging in), that would be great. Providing both pieces of info would also work (though it might look clunky).

                            While I can see the arguments for OP only and LP only, I much prefer the new format. It's more useful to me to know who's currently contributing to a thread than who started the thread (sometimes a year or more ago).

                            Thanks for the continued efforts to improve Chowhound.


                            1. Thank you again Chowhound Team