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Sep 20, 2006 07:13 PM

Why can't I track The Chowhound Team / Chowhound Engineering?

Almost as a fluke, I just noticed the "Site Updates" posting from Chowhound Engineering (I don't look at the All version of Hot Posts very often).

I'd like to track Chowhound Engineering and The Chowhound Team so I can keep tabs on changes, fixes, and tips for using Chowhound. But I can't click on these names the way I can for other users and myself.

It seems that the "myCHOW" and "track this user" functions aren't available for these entities. Why not? This feature would be really useful.


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  1. I agree. We just came home from a vacation and reading the site boards is time-consuming. It would be great if we could just find the topics Chowhound addressed.

    1. It's a technical detail of the way Chowhound Team posting is implemented on the site. It's not a registered username the way AnneInMpls is.

      A little more work, but Team posts are searchable via the Author field on the Advanced search.

      1. Yes, it is more work - 17 clicks/keystrokes and three page loads vs 1 click and 1 page load.

        Plus, an author search is a complicated operation that many users won't know how to do. There's no information on the advanced search page on how to find a specific user's posts, and requiring the * in the search field is very non-intuitive. (If you leave the * out, you just get a blank basic search page; not a very helpful response to a reasonable search request.)

        I'm glad there's a work-around, but it would be nice if a future update could smooth over the inconsistent approach and make things easier for the average user.