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Sep 20, 2006 07:12 PM

Hollywood Gelato on Hillhurst

Anyone know when it's opening?

Is it a chain? Any good?

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  1. Where on Hillhurst??????? there is a wonderful new one on
    Sunset Blvd., one block east of the Junction.......

    1. It was supposed to open in July...not sure of new date. Don't think it's a chain. They had samples at the Los Feliz street fair back in June that were good--nothing spectacular, but fairly creamy vanilla and chocolate. They're listed as a sponsor of the upcoming "Taste of Los Feliz" on Oct. 8, so I assume they'll be serving there....

      I think it's a bit north of Franklin on the east side of Hillhurst.

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        Yes, that's where it is...more or less across the street from Alcove.