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Cheap Eats in Beverly Hills...

Does anyone know a few good places to eat lunch and early dinner in Beverly Hills? I just got a job on Wilshire between Robertson and Doheny, and like places within walking distance that I can have good food that does not break the bank. TIA for any help.

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  1. There are a lot of places, if you are closer to Robertson, try Al Gelato on Robertson, or even better, Cafe Flore about a block south of Robertson. Also You will find a lot of good places North of wilshire on Robertson (Ivy, News Cafe, ...) but they are more expensive.

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      Thanks for the help, I tried Cafe Flore today, the best chicken sandwich I had in a while. I would have liked to keep lunch around $7-$8 but I guess $8-$9 is not bad for Beverly Hills. I will try your other suggestion next week, I hope they are just as good.

    2. I'm don't know what you consider cheap, but Breadbar is located on Robertson and 3rd Street and it's not terribly expensive. Sandwiches run about $10 and they're very good. Salads are also good.

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        Robertson and 3rd a little too far but I will drive there on Friday to check it out. Thanks for the help.

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          Keep in mind that there is limited free parking behind the restaurant. That's one more reason why it's a good place...

      2. Bristol Farms on Beverly Blvd. and Doheny have prepared salads,soups, sushi and sandwiches. Some things are better than others, but the variety is good and it's relatively quick.

        1. this is my 'hood!

          Al Gelato is good- cash only, huge portions, split with someone, sweet red sauce pasta, HUGE meatball, good sandwiches. Robertson, 2 blocks south of Wilshire

          Cafe Flore- I just commented on elsewhere on the board, maybe my fav. French, sandwiches, salads, GREAT FRIES. Robertson, 1 block south of Wilshire

          Il Buco- good italian from Giacommino Drago- newer side is all sandwiches, bigger side has great pizzas, pastas, salads. Robertson 1st block NORTH of wilshire

          other ideas-
          Breadbar on 3rd is great, but a longer walk- 2 blocks east of Robertson
          Michel Richard on Robertson 1 block North of Burton Way
          Kate Mantilini- pretty good, but expensive comfort food, full of agents and industry people. Corner of Doheny and wilshire.

          in a pinch- asakuma sushi delivery(or pick-up or eat in)- bento boxes for $11. robertson, 1 block s of wilshire

          I can probably also think of about 10 good delivery options for lunch......we have a file in the office.....

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            Hey, if any of those delivery places do dinner in the area, I'd love to hear your picks. I live in the area and we're stuck in a rut with our dinner delivery choices...

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              MenuPages lists 28 restaurants that deliver in Beverly Hills - some might deliver for Lunch Only:


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                I picked up dinner from Cafe Flore at least half a dozen times, The food is great and they are on my way home. I don't know if they deliver but try their Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and Basil... It is out of this world. Look their web site on city serach, they have their menu on their site.

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                Hood? Well, OK, I happen to be doing some recreational slumming within your hood, 90210, just yesterday and found a place over on Roxbury. I did not eat at this place but maybe you can offer some advice for when I next patronize the area. The only reason I did not eat there was because yesterday I stopped at Pioneer Chicken on Olympic and had five big wings and a few jalapenos. That combo made me very happy and I was stuffed. That Pioneer Chicken place was just re-painted and has new tables and chairs inside also -- nice. That’s what I did before heading deep into your hood. Once I was walking on Roxbury I noticed an old Pharmacy from the sidewalk which had a gift section. I went inside and then, WOW!, I found a long curved lunch counter with about twenty stools and a few tables in the back. I spoke with the counter person and she told me they have good burgers and the best shakes in town. I really liked the ambiance of this little place and the prices on the menu were reasonable. I want to go back to just to sit at the counter even if it is to only have a shake because this place is from a time long gone-by. I was told they are open for breakfast and lunch and close at 5:00. Have you been to Mickey Fine?

                Mickey Fine Pharmacy
                433 N Roxbury Dr
                Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5090
                Phone: (310) 271-6123

                Pioneer Chicken
                5970 West Olympic Blvd
                (323) 954-0454

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                  We used to go there when I was a kidlet. They have decent omelettes, cinnamon toast, and oatmeal. My grandmother used to get their Brisket Dip sandwich or one of the melts. I like now that they have healthy option plates (if I don't get an egg white omelette). FWIR, they had good tapioca and bread pudding too (can't eat these anymore). None of the fare is earth-shattering or necessarily destination making, but it's good enough if you're in the area and want breakfast or lunch.

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                    My Thanks. Cinnamon toast and oatmeal sounds like a great breakfast along with the ambiance of the place. I am not looking for earth-shattering but only a real meal at a counter among real people who work in the area. I look forward to returning this Friday.

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                      have at then, sounds exactly like what you're looking for... do report back on your experience!

              3. I don't know what you consider cheap but I work in this area and my co-workers and I are constantly struggling to find something that doesn't break our banks and is relatively healthy.

                I certainly don't think a $10 sandwich or an $11 bento box is cheap so I think I'm barking up the wrong tree in the wrong neighborhood. I do venture down to Champs Elysess (on Robertson south of Wilshire) from time to time and they have great sandwiches with fries for about $7/$8.

                I definitely wouldn't recommend Asakuma as I had some of the worst sushi of my life there.

                Oftentimes when I'm looking for a good cheap lunch I hop in my car and cruise Pico looking for a taco truck/fruit cart.

                1. Tuk Tuk is on Pico just east of Robertson. It's a short drive but the Thai food is worth it.

                  1. On the corner of Third and La Cienega, in a strip mall with a Subway, is a little Middle Eastern restaurant. I can't remember the name (sorry) but their veggie plate is good "fast food" Meditarranean, and cheap, in the $6 range. It might be a little far too walk, but it's a quick drive, and there is a parking lot. Unfortunately, there really aren't a lot of super cheap options in the neighborhood...the restaurants have to pay those expensive BH leases!

                    1. If you are willing to drive:
                      Walters on the Go (used to be Walters), which is on Canon Dr., just north of Wilshire. Coffee shop type of food, great bang for your buck, with the best shnecken around (or if you prefer, pecal rolls).
                      Also, on 3rd, just east of La Cienega: Mishima, for Japanese "fast food" or Chado (the tea room) with the most extensive tea list and sandwiches that are simple but delish.

                      1. I've had dinner at Nic's once, and the food is solid and the drinks are incredible! If they don't dumb down or limit drink selection for happy hour, $5 is a steal. All their drinks have hilarious names, interesting flavor combinations, and pack a punch despite being so well-balanced you can barely taste the alcohol.

                        And if you're feeling splurgy, there's a tea-distilled vodka in their vodbox that was incredibly, mild and sweet, as well as something the lady described as "the silk vodka" that felt like warm waves going down.

                        For me, the fettucini bolognese at Il Fornaio is a cheap lunch because I can only finish half, so it's leftovers for dinner or the next day. They use fresh pasta so there's a little more bounce and flavor to the dish. Really delicious.

                        1. Basic Bites on Beverly has a tasty sandwhich made with avocado, tapenade, and hearts of palm. Can't recall what they call it. Very tasty with a cup of tomato soup. Very good choice for a quick inexpensive (for BH) lunch.

                          1. If you don't mind going a bit further south on Robertson you should try Cafe Bella Roma SPQR (1513 S. Robertson). It's in my neighborhood and I've been there several times...very casual and unpretentious. They have a nice selection of gourmet paninis/sandwiches and the pasta dishes are great. A sandwich, fries or salad and a drink will cost you between $10-$12. I haven't tried Cafe Flore but it's on our list---seems a likely good candidate, too.

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                              Cuvee on Robertson, just north of Burton Way--great for breakfast and lunch

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                                Cuvee is far from cheap and I find the food bland and homogeneous and not particularly high quality. They have one in Century City as well - I think of it as food for captive audiences who have nowhere else to go.

                            2. Urth Cafe on Beverly Drive has great soups made fresh daily and sandwiches.

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                                Feryamos on robertson and gregory. Is a diner with burgers and sandwiches in the $5-6 dollar range. It's a mom and son operation they make tasty food.

                                Cafe Flore as mentioned is also very good and friendly service.

                              2. I have lived in BH for about 8 years now and here are some of my suggestions for cheap eats in the area...

                                1. versailles - for cuban food on la cienega - cheap dinner, and soo good.
                                2. Chef Mings - for great chinese food and cheap combos - olympic
                                3. chipotle on beverly dr. - burritos, etc..
                                4. Islands on beverly dr - bottomless tortilla soup, burgers..
                                5. jack in the box - pico
                                6. bossa nova on beverly dr
                                7. sandbags for sandwiches
                                8. mulberry st. on beverly dr. for pizza
                                9. BH diner - 474 N Beverly Dr - an ex johnny rockets
                                10. quiznos - olympic/okahurst
                                11. crazyfish for sushi - olympic
                                12. zen grill - olympic
                                13. noahs bagels - robertson and venice (south of BH)
                                14. more to come...

                                * there are many cheap options on beverly dr.

                                *my all-time fav cheap spot is Hodori or Nakwan korean food just down olympic in koreatown. They are open 24/7/365. olympic and vermont.

                                *zankou chicken over by santa monica and sepulveda is an awesome cheap lunch spot. Great chicken tarna with garlic sauce and great shwarma

                                *my new fav cheap spot is beverly falafal, across from the bev center. not in your immediate area, but a great place to get gyro, shwarma or falafal..

                                1. FoodJiva.com delivers food from restaurants to some west side locations - perfect for work. Minimum order price is low and most restaurants on it don't even charge delivery fee.

                                  I second Cafe Flore if you're interested in walking somewhere...