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Sep 20, 2006 06:51 PM

Trader Joe's Opening in the Triangle???

Is there a Trader Joe's opening in the Raleigh/Durham area? NBC13 mentioned it briefly on a segment where they listed grocery store chains that had the best and worst customer satisfaction ratings. Trader Joe's was up there w/the best and they said there was one opening in the triangle soon. I went to TJ's website and did not see it listed in the Opening Soon section.

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  1. I heard it was opening in Cary. Durham has been petitioning for one, but they don't seem too interested yet.

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      Thanks for the info. Do you know where in Cary they might be opening? That's too much of a hike for me on a weekly basis. :( I would think that Durham would be a great place for them.

    2. The rumor is that it will be in the old Winn Dixie on the corner of Kildaire Farm and Cary Pkwy. They won't be taking up all that space, however.

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      1. re: ldixie

        I went over to take a look at the construction site this week. They gutted the old Winn Dixie down to bare walls and they are splitting it into two spaces. There is a banner up announcing that one half is going to be a Staples office supplies. The other half has no banner or announcement signs and there is no information on the Trader Joe's website announcing an upcoming Cary location.

        Still, the neighborhood buzz is convinced that this is indeed the spot for the new TJ. Making this transplanted Californian very, very happy indeed!

        Given the state of construction, I can't imagine it opening before the end of the year. But hope springs eternal.

        For Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh folks, that's south on Hwy 1/64 from Hwy 40. Take the Cary Parkway exit and follow it to the right. You'll hit the Kildaire Farm intersection in about a mile and a half (guesstimate). The store is on the right.

        With luck, we'll get the new store and the Hwy 1 construction done and all will be buttercreams and moonbeams.

        1. re: ldixie

          I know exactly where you are talking about. I had an apartment maybe 10 minutes away from there until I moved to Durham. Darn!

        2. And the Fresh Market that is just half a block away has decided to move to a different location. Some attribute that to the opening of Trader Joe's. We'll see.

          1. out in CA, my apartment complex adjoined with the Trader Joe's parking lot. It was literally a 45-second walk from my apartment's front door to the entrance of Trader Joe's. That was sweet beyond compare.

            It was nice to just walk in whenever I needed staple items, such as eggs (free range, vegetarian fed - $1.99/dozen), a gallon of hormone-free milk, olive oil from Italy ($4.99/liter - try finding it someone else for anything close to that price), the best genevieve pesto around (I have to use twice as much of the Southern Season variety at twice the price in my cooking and the taste is still majorly weak), bruschetta (luckily I crated some of that over here upon the move), fresh baked breads, hormone-free chicken for $1.99/pound, etc. etc. etc. Trader Joe's time and time again proved cheaper than Safeway (the "Krogers" of CA), which is amazing considering the quality of their goods.

            I plan weekly runs to TJ once they open in Cary. It'll give me an excuse to stop off at La Shish along the way for shawarma and baklava (it'll be like a mini CA vacation anytime I go).

            1. where's la shish? i have yet to find good shawarma in this area...

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              1. re: HeelsSoxHound

                La Shish is at 908 NE Maynard Road in Cary in the Reedy Creek Plaza (same plaza as Food Lion).

                Note: I would not characterize the shawarma as "good" on the absolute scale. I've had far better out in CA (larger portions, juicier meat, better marinade). Of course, I've had far worse too (including International Delights in Durham, which is just awful). Still, at times the craving for shawarma wins out and this is the best place (only acceptable shawarma?) I've found in the Triangle for it.

                What scores major points at La Shish is the baklava. I've never had better anywhere.


                1. re: mikeh

                  How's the shwarma at Neomonde (their spelling, not mine...). I generally go to pick up a pack-o-pitas, and get some baba ghanouj, tabouli, or falafel. The shwarma looks good, but I've never tried. I'm a BIG fan of their baba ghanouj, and definitely their pitas, though!

                  1. re: OrganicGal

                    Pretty tasty, as a matter of fact. I've never had the chicken, just the beef and lamb. I usually ask for a little extra sauce, though, as I find the shwarma to be a little dry sometimes.

                    I think this thread is giving me a jones for some falafel.

                  2. re: mikeh

                    The shawarma at Baba Ganouj is very good-- at least the one is Durham. And very reasonably priced.