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Sep 20, 2006 06:42 PM

Good Italian for romantic b-day dinner

Any suggestions on an actually good italian restaurant somewhere in LA? I'm talking good by New York City or Italy standards!!


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  1. Trattoria Tre Venezie on Green Street in old town, Pasadena. Northern, authentic, molto delicious, very romantic. Not enough posting on this board. You can look up SIV's review from a few years ago, menu a little different now, but quality is still way up there.

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      I second Tre Venezie for both the romantic and food factors.

      It might not be what is considered NY Italian food, since it is Northern Italian cuisine, but it is definitely great, authentic and sophisticated Italian food.

    2. Via Venetto on Main Street in Venice is always outstandingly good.

      1. Il Moro on Olympic and Purdue.

        1. I like Madeo's or Locanda Veneta, over near the Beverly Center.

          1. Consider IL SOLE in WeHo. Solid Northern Italian fare.

            Il Sole
            8741 Sunset Blvd.
            West Hollywood