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Sep 20, 2006 06:39 PM

Hound in The Hague

I've just moved here and need help making my stay indulgent. Am looking for hidden gems and must eat meals. Love seafood and all things asian, have already been inhaling "hollandse niewe", but need more suggestions. it still rains fishes is on my list. other than that, anything worthwhile is much appreciated.

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  1. Maxime on the Denneweg is really one of my recent favourites, although try to go with a group of four so you don't need to sit at the cramped 2 person tables (unless you want to meet people, being new in town). One of the reasons I like Maxime so much is that you can order all wine by the glass. The wine comes from the Gouden Ton also on the Denneweg, my favourite place to buy wine and olive oil. 4 courses are 28 Euro and you can choose between two menu's.

    My other favourite is Pastis in the Ouwe Mol. It's a little more expensive but the only place for proper Moules et Frites in the Hague. Appaerently it's a rip off of a french bistro in Soho NY. Just sitting there, sipping a glass of Pastis of course, brings back good memories of France, even though it's a duplicate twice removed from the original.

    Finally, Casa da Toni in the Prinsestraat. Don't go here if you have a problem with being hugged by the stuff or being made to play the bongo at the end of the meal. It's great italian food. You come in, you sit down and food gets served, there's no menu (except for a choice of mains). It's a lovely cosy place. Menu doesn't seem to change much so I go there once or twice a year.

    Enjoy! I'd like to know what you think of these places.


    1. There used to be a great seafood restaurant overlooking Scheveningen harbor called van de Toorn's. Excellent kabeljauw and mussels. Don't know if it's even there anymore......

      Ahh...groene haring. Yummy!

      1. Cool, thanks for the advice. will be going and let you know. i ate at it rains fishes on friday, not that impressed. We arrived around 1030 and while they convinced as that the kitchen was open, they told us not long after ordering (but after opening the suggested wine pairing) that the main we wanted, salt crusted sea bream for 2, was not available. Im pretty sure they just did not feel like making it at that hour.
        we ended up having 4 appetizers between 2 of us . . . while are were tasty, generally seemed over priced and not very substantial. The shrimp croquettes were not distinguishable from the 1 euro version from the vending machine at hollandspor . . . aside from a few stray microscopic shrimp inside.
        Service was also very slow. Although im told that is the norm here, i find having to ask for menus after being seated for 10 minutes is excessive.
        Have been enjoying the raw herring though, and i ate at simonis vis in the harbour (tough to find but find it at, and it was pretty good cheap seafood, although heavy on the deep frying. they do 6 oysters with a glas of wine for 6 euros, a great casual snack.
        enjoy and keep me posted . . .