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Sep 20, 2006 06:38 PM

Marble Slab-- I want one

I've been trying to get a good marble pastry slab for a couple of years with no results. The local cooking store only carries thin, puny ones because they say it's hard to get big ones b/c they break or are hard to ship or something. I am sick to death of rolling dough on cutting boards, slippy sil-pats, crumby counters. Marble, I wante marble! Any suggestions on where to find it? Could I just go to the hardware store?

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  1. Why can't you get a slab from someone who installs marble countertop? I don't know if you can get something thin enough, but they cut to fit any shape.

    Caveat: marble is very dense and a slab will weigh a LOT. Wherever you put it is where it will stay.

    1. This may be a false memory but I seem to recall Julia Child saying she'd had one made that would fit perfectly into her refrigerator to chill. My recollection is that she suggested having it done at a place that specializes in (gulp) headstones.

      Of course this was long before trends toward granite and marble countertops.

      1. What about checking out gravestone makers. I know someone who got some pieces this way.

        1. Try this thread. It's about Boston, but I'm sure the general information travels.

          1. Don't they sell them at Sur le Table? I got mine there several
            years ago for less than $40, and it works just fine. I can't see
            where the thinness would be much of a problem.