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Sep 20, 2006 06:21 PM

Dinner for 22, westside

I need a restaurant for dinner for 22 people. We're looking to spend $40-45 per person, including alcohol. I am thinking that a place that serves good fish, chicken, steak, and other fairly conventional food is most appropriate for this audience (i.e. they're not exactly chowish). The only exception would be Italian places or places that serve decent Mexican-American food (I'm almost ashamed to write those words...) I would prefer Santa Monica/Venice, but would consider options in West LA, Palisades, etc. A private room would be nice, but is certainly not necessary.

Any suggestions? I, of course, want to drag everybody to Monte Alban or Bombay Cafe, but Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't exactly go for that...

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    1. although i am not as high on the food as many, il moro in west l.a. could be a good choice. they have one or more private rooms.

      i have always enjoyed the food at palmeri on san vicente in brentwood. they have a private room.

      11650 San Vicente Blvd (a little east of barrington
      )Los Angeles, CA 90049
      (310) 442-8446

      a quick search did not reveal a website. you can view a sample menu (it changes somewhat every day) at

      1. Border Grill?

        Or, ICugini or IlForniao.

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          would be practically impossible to get out of i cugini at $40 per person including drinks.

        2. I second Il Moro. If the weather is nice you all can eat on the patio outside and they have heaters. They also have private rooms.