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Sep 20, 2006 06:15 PM

35th B-day celebration - please suggest

My 35th B-day is in a couple of months and I want to think were my hubbie and me should go with plenty of time so I can make reservations. We can't afford top top end things like Per Se or Masa. I would like to go somewhere I haven't been, so Babbo, Hearth and 11 Madison Park are out. I was thinking about Nobu as I've never been, but I don't know if the food lives up to the hype. WD-50? Craft?

While I am very open to any type of cuisine, I would rather not go to an over-serious place, that reminds me that now I am closer to 40 than to 30. But good food is the priority. I would like to spend in the 100-150 pp range (or less, obviously!!)


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  1. How about The Modern? I haven't been yet :-(, but my daughter and her boyfriend celebrated her birthday there a few months ago (they're in your age group) and said the food was excellent. Perhaps Hounds who have dined there will chime in to describe the ambiance.

    1. I am going to Nobu for my 35th (ouch) in November. It's one of my favorites. I say try it.

      Even though the 57th Street location is a bit more commercial, I like it better for groups and a bar scene as well.

      We usually order ala carte rather than the tasting menu. Last time I went with 2 other people and had....3 apps...3 entrees...three rolls of dessert...6 glasses of wine.... the bill was under 250 incl tax and 20% tip. It really isn't that expensive here.

      Try the Kumamoto Oysters (let the server choose the sauces), Tuna Sashimi Salad, Yellowtail with Jalapeno in ponzu for starters.....the rock shrimp tempura, black miso cod, and some sort of taben yaki (sp?) for mains...and defintely the molten chololate with green tea ice cream. For first timers these are must haves.

      Happy B-day!!!

      Oh and as for the Modern, I thought it was sterile and boring. That's just my opinion though.....didn't like the food either.