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Sep 20, 2006 05:52 PM

Cape Cod Cheap Resturants (ButGood)

We are staying at the cape in Brewster on Columbus Day weekend, and I need to know places to eat for good breakfast,lunch and dinner. Also does anyone know where the nearest supermarket is to Brewster. Brewster is a great place, but what is there to do after the summer crowds are gone. I hope someone can help me out We would like to go to a theatre show too...Is Wellfleet(WHAT) the only one left open after September? Thanks for all your help.

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  1. We stayed in Yarmouth last year at about this time and had great breakfasts at the Keltic Kitchen ( and a wonderful dinner at a place around the corner from there called the Red Rose Inn.

    1. The Country Buffet in Hyannis was the best place for cheap, good, food. The kids loved it.

      1. Just to be clear Country Buffet is in a strip mall and does not reflect a true Cape Cod can be found in any town or city. Why not savour some local cheap eats like Kreme and Cone (Dennis and Chatham) for fried fish, Kate's in Brewster (6A) for great onion rings and ice cream, JTs in Brewster for clams and lobster rolls...

        Brewster has a place on 137 and 39 to shop I think Star or you can go to exit 9 A to Patriot's Sq. in Dennis for Stop and Shop.

        Tell us what kind of food you want and we can specifically address your question.

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions. We are up to any foods, but most of all I am interested in a good whole belly clam box or plate, my husband likes scallops..any suggestions? Also has anyone heard about these places....Clancy's, Arnolds, and the Lunch Box, Showtime, and Sweet Tomatoes? We rented a 1 bedroom cottage and it does have a kitchen, so I might just go get a lobster and cook it myself... it might be cheaper that way..any good places if I decide to do that?
          Thanks again.

          1. There is a Super Stop & Shop in Orleans which is close to Brewster. I think Arnold's is closed for the season. Moby Dick's in Wellfleet (my personal favorite) is open through October. There is also PJ's in Wellfleet, which has very good clams, but I don't know if/when they close for the season. If they are open, you can get live lobster at Friendly Fisherman in Eastham to bring home and cook yourself.


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              You can also EAT at Friendly Fisherman if it is warm enough to sit outside on the picnic tables. Huge fried seafood and lobster roll quality and easy on your pocketbook.