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Sep 20, 2006 05:31 PM

The Coop (pizza place on National)

Does anyone know where I can view the menu online? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if they have a menu online, but I can tell you, the pizza is good thin crust NY style -- I believe the largest is 18 inches. They also have salads (green and caesar) and pastas.

    You could probably call them and if they aren't too busy, may just tell you the menu. It's pretty brief. It's a takeout place, no seating space at all.

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      Do you know if they have chicken fingers with buffalo sauce? I am dying for pizza and chicken fingers. Thx.

    2. I recollect that they may have deep fried mozzarella, but I don't think they have chicken fingers. They do have chicken parmesan I believe.

      1. If you send me your email I can scan the menu and send it to ya. This is hands down the best pizza in LA. Also, they make the best meatball sub in town. Deep dish is great, too. The calzones are super bomb. They use an Italian brand of tomato sauce called 7-11, chop basil and garlic into it and man does it make their pies delicious. They toss the dough until it is paper thin, load it with really fresh mozza and bake about 4 pies at a time, all day. I'd say 75 pies a day outta there easily, based on how busy I've seen it, every time I go in there. Cash only, delivery charges and be prepared to wait. But wow, it's good stuff.

        1. I have never been able to find their menu online. I just tend to peek at the green painted sign to the left of the register. This place has delicious and authentic pizza delivered by the friendliest staff. I always get the same thing; a large pepperoni pizza- well done.Delicious. Also, you can stop by the cheap liquour store next door and pick up a six pack of beer to help polish everything off.

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            FYI, I found The Coop's menu in my Westside Yellow Book phone book.