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Cookies that look and taste like homemade.

Soon venturing into the purchase of a house in the suburbs. Would like to be able to give our new neighbors a little something, and I guess cookies is it. We would like to at least keep people guessing as to if they might be homemade, at least my wife would. Any suggestions on where I could buy cookies that look and taste homemade?


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  1. Milk & Cookies on Commerce St.
    I haven't been yet, but Ruby and Violette might work too.

    1. I was just going to mention Ruby et Violette. They are little too, so look homemade. flavors are (or at least were) on their website.

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        Ruby et Violette is awesome. But call in advance -- there were some reports of closings at odd hours a while back.

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          I disagree. Their "Perfect" is just a bunch of chocolate chunks held together by a little bit of batter. I prefer more batter in my cookie.

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            They're much more reliable these days-- Wendy sold the shop to a group of 3 investors who run the place now. But the cookies and the recipe remains the same.

            And yes, they do look and taste like homemade cookies, mostly because they're made in home-sized batches in the back of the shop. Seriously excellent.


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        2. I recently had the best chocolate chip cookie of my life at Levain's (74th between Columbus & Amsterdam). I'm not sure if they would be considered homemade since they are very large; however they are so incredibly delicious, I would bring them anyway.

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            I was patently unimpressed. Levain's cookies are just big and thick -- it's their schtick. But not a particulary tasty cookie.

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                i'm with you, eca. the 6 oz. dark chocolate peanut butter behemoth is particularly divine.

          2. I second the Tollhouse advice. I used to prefer Pillsbury, but lately rediscovered Tollhouse...They're more homemade tasting.
            If you don't have an oven, there's City Bakery. Their "melted chocolate chip" cookies are amazing.

            1. I absolutely adore Ruby et Violette! They are delicious.


              1. Blackhound on the LES has great cookies by the pound. This is where I go when I purchase.

                1. Nana's Treats, on West 17th between 5th and 6th. Have never had homemade cookies as good so don't know if they'd fool anyone, but these are dense, handmade, slightly irregular cookies of whatever kinds Nana has decided to make that morning: chocolate chip, M&M, oatmeal scotchie, peanut butter. All fantastic, and only $1 each. Open only till 5 p.m. or so, though.

                  Have been to Milk & Cookies a couple of times; the cookies are decent, but the staff seems awfully surly -- they don't seem to recognize their good fortune at working behind a cookie counter.

                  Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven offers almost unbelievably good fresh-baked (warm, off the pan just out of the oven) chocolate-chunk cookies, but no neighbor would possibly believe they're homemade!

                  1. William Greenberg has extremely buttery sweet cookies. The price is very expensive and they are not designer cookies. The last time I was there they were $24 a pound. They are plain looking. No nuts or cherries on top. No streams of chocolate on top. No large chunks of chocolate in them. And they are relatively small in size. But they are delicious.

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                      Greenberg's cookies are terrific, however there is little chance these would pass for homemade, because even though they are simple in their presentation, they are too refined as to be believable as homemade.

                      Given the OP's criteria, I agree with the Ruby et Violette suggestions. Their cookies could pass for homemade as they are somewhat irregularly shaped and rustic looking.

                    2. I agree with the recommendations of Milk & Cookies and Ruby et Violette.

                      It's really hard to pass Jacques Torres' cookies as "homemade" unless your wife is a professional or experienced baker, as well as City Bakery's too.

                      I know there's a huge following for Levain cookies but when I tried it, it doesn't astound me much. It's just a huge, dense, underbaked cookie dough. It's not bad, but after eating half the cookie my stomach felt the weight of that thing.

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                        I totally agree with you about Levain. Not my favorite. But I think Jacques Torres'
                        choc chip is really the best in town, regardless of whether or not you can pass it off as homemade. It's perfectly balanced taste....chocolate, vanilla and salt. So important for the perfect tasting chocolate. Ruby et Violette is also very very good, but they get gimmicky with
                        their add-ins. City Bakery's aren't great at all. But, his Croissant Pretzel is divine! Best product he makes!

                      2. Can you still buy tubes of Maury's (Maury Rubin of City Bakery) dough at the supermarket? I used to get it occasionally at D'ag but haven't looked for it in years. Really good chocolate chips. And served right out of the oven, they certainly would be taken for homemade. Much better quality than other supermarket cookie dough.

                        1. I think the "uniformity" of most bought cookies will defeat your hope of passing them off as truly homemade.

                          So one suggestion is buy cookies from a few different places to mix the visual up.

                          My best rec for excellent chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies is "Betty's Best".


                          as you can see, they sorta look home made and are about the size of a baseball w/ a great ratio of nus and chips to cookie. btw, they are more of a crispy rather than soft and chewy type cookie.

                          fwiw, even though they come from hawaii, they get her pretty quick. i just placed an order yesterday and they've been shipped and are due here Tuesday.

                          good luck

                          1. Jack's Stir Brew Coffee sells great homemade chocolate chip cookies made by Aunt Rose.

                            1. For an web-based option, I recommend Ivybakery.com. They have a big selection, and their turnaround is fairly quick.

                              1. If you're near Fairway, try Chris's Cookies ($2.99 for a 6 oz. bag)-- they're very soft and easily mistaken for homemade. The ginger molasses are my favorites.


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                                1. I am not sure exactly why someone would not like Levain's cookies. they are amazing! and who cares if they are huge and thick... cut them in half or into forths. Then not only is it more manageable but you can try more than one type!!