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Sep 20, 2006 05:20 PM

Baby pineapples - decoration or food?

Raley's is selling baby pineapples for $3.99.

Has anyone had these? Are the worth the price?

I would have bought one, actually, but these babies were past their prime.

I feel so out of the produce loop. This is my thing. For years I snap up new and unusual produce at farmers markets and groceries.

Yet here this is something that has filtered down to Raleys, has lots of references on the web and has been popular, it seems, in Europe for years. Raleys DOES have a produce manager somewhere who seems to get a few interesting items. They had fresh New Mexican chilies recently.

Anyway, supposedly they are sweeter and there is no core, so you can eat the whole thing. Even so, $3.99 for what amounts to about a cup of pineapple ... if lucky.

They are just so cute though. When I first saw them I thought they were some sort of little ceramic pineapple knick knack.

They seem to make a cool presentation for dessert, a little half pineapple on the plate. Some Washington DC chef has the little pineapple filled with baked Alasaki ... cute.

So, should I snap one of these up the next time a fresh shipment comes in or save my money?

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    Baby pineapples are quite yummy- I've enjoyed the Costa Rican ones, prefer them perhaps 1 day overripe- very sweet, honey flavors, still tart.

    As to whether they're worth more than a full sized beastie? Meh. I like all pineapples, just fine- on the plate or on my tasteless Hawaiian shirts!

    If you can find them again, firm, slightly fragrant, and say for 1.99- Go for it.

    1. I have had the softball sized ones in South Africa, the Victoria breed. They were absolutely the best pineapple I ever had, I was actually hopping up and down softly in delirious deliciousness.

      I haven't tried the baseball sized ones in my local market because of the price and that they don't look too good, sort of old and dried looking. If I saw ones that were fresh looking I would try them just to see if they were as good as the Victorias.

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        Just today I noticed the price was down to $2 each and I picked up a few. They were fantastic and were definitely the Queen Victoria breed from South Africa. Very tasty and the core is even edible.

      2. I've never seen them for less than $4 or $5. I'd be willing to try one, but the ones I've seen haven't looked so happy. I'm glad to know that they can taste great, though. :)

        1. I bought one for a friend...our meeting got canceled...I put it in the refrigerator and forgot it...found it a couple of weeks later and decided to chance was wonderful...very sweet and intensely flavorful.

          1. How can you put a price on "cute"?! I think you should follow your muse and use one of these petite cuties to make a Carmen Miranda hat, rw! The hell with how it tastes.