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Prune's Brunch

i love prune for dinner. should i try the brunch? is it served on both saturday and sunday and what time do you need to get there?
any standout dishes and/or bloody marys?

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  1. Everything I have had at Prune is great. Their eggs are cooked perfectly IMO and the bacon is really yummy. Try to get there early or be prepared to wait.

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      it opens at 11am? so should we get there 10:45 or so?

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        If it is nice out, I'd say 10:30-10:45 and you should be okay. Enjoy!

    2. Brunch at Prune is very good but by no means revelatory. I'd go elsewhere and skip the wait.

      1. where would suggest instead? i'm looking for something serving a little different than your normal brunch fare? also, we want good drinks.

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          I'm not sure what you mean by a little different than your normal brunch fare, but some of the places I like are Danal, good, 9th Street Market (although there is a wait there...), Five Points (can reserve), Jane (although last meal was a little sub-par), Deborah, Extra Virgin, Westville (there's a wait there too...),... I'm blanking on others.

        2. I haven't been in a while, but I've enjoyed brunch at Good Enough to Eat on Amsterdam Avenue - old fashioned breakfasts with homemade strawberry jam - delicious! Also, my family tried brunch this past weekend at Five Points and gave it a BIG thumbs up. They are still raving about it a few days later!

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            good enough to eat is not what im looking for...i mean a brunch that offers some slightly more adventurous options... from what i could see prune has some interesting items....sausages and oysters, spicy stewed chick peas...
            that's what i mean by a different kind of brunch...

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              I forgot Maroons. They have some interesting southern/Jamaican menu items.

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                The sausages and oysters are definitely different and very delicous. The bloodymarys are also fantastic.

            2. You have to wait in line (outside) at GETO too. Cookshop takes reservations online. I went Sunday and loved it. Great espresso martini that was really a breakfast type drink vs. a cloying dessert type.

              1. I haven't been there in a few months. I know when they first opened up I LOVED their brunches, as they truly were different, and everything was "just so". .... homemade Irish oatmeal I think... one long merguez sausage coiled up like a pinwheel and secured with a toothpick... a "macerated" fruit salad of berries, melon, etc. and served with fresh mint... a farmer's cheese dish served with fresh figs, or sometimes a whole glistening peach with the skin removed...cake-like pancake with fruit and whipped cream....

                They do seem to have foregone some of their attention to extra detail, but I think their dishes are essentially the same, which means not your standard brunch fare. The waits though CAN be very painful so you should get there either real early or else real late for brunch.

                1. The spectacular brunch dishes are the deep fried Monte Cristo with a side of two fried eggs and red-currant jelly (sweet, savory, and somehow the jelly just really works), the Dutch pancake (it's a single pancake, oven-baked and more like a "cake" cake), and the very peppery spaghetti carbonara.

                  The sausage and oysters are good but not as great as other stuff on the menu. The eggs benedict dish is solid but not spectacular and why would you order something so standard in a place like Prune? The coddled egg is comforting and nice but a very light meal -- not really filling.

                  Overall, various breads and toasts are good, as is the bacon, but I'm not a huge fan of the potatoes rosti. It's like a hard patty of shredded potatoes, crispy and fried, but I think it's a little too greasy and oily for me. The coffee is also good but comes in an individual teapot which means your table gets crowded, and the coffee gets cold too quickly. I also really like the pricey but refreshing "Prune juice," which is a blend of Meyer lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit (no actual prunes or plum juice).

                  If you do go and there's a wait, there's nowhere to really sit or hang out. In the summer, the sun can be merciless. I recommend heading to First Park (1st St and 1st Ave) if you need somewhere to chill while waiting. You can also grab a juice at the juice stand nearby.

                  1. Bloody marys are spectacular... and as spectacular is the rudeness (or at least, a general air of "could care less") of the service. Also blisteringly loud and exceedingly cramped, especially in the back. I thought none of the food was so great that it was worth being treated poorly and waiting for an hour. Instead, try Great Jones Cafe, which still may have a bit of a wait, but has a hearty, delicious cajun brunch, and awesome (though somewhat more conventional) bloody marys.

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                      wow, ive been 3 times for dinner and found the service really great. i understand the crampedness and noise level, but the service bad...i wonder if you were there on an off day?

                    2. Went to Prune on Sunday and waited 1 1/2 hours for brunch. This place is not worth the wait and it is overpriced. We ordered the lamb sausage and oysters, spaghetti carbonara, spicy chick peas and the steak and eggs. Still hungry afterwards so we split an order of pancakes. Total bill for 4 adults with 5 brunch specials, 4 bloody marys, 1 side of lamb sausage ($5 and small) and 4 coffees was $136.
                      I would not go back.

                      1. We've been to Prune for brunch. It was just OK, but not that impressive. We'd prefer to spend our table-waiting time at Clinton Street Baking - a 10 minute walk from Prune.